Interview Experience: RRB General Banking Officer (Scale II)

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IBPS PO is one of the most sought-after Government Sector job these days. Personal Interview is the final round of IBPS PO 2017-18 Recruitment. Interview experiences can help you get an insight of the difficulty level, environment, and types of questions that are asked in IBPS PO 2017-18 Interview Round. Here is the interview experience of  Mukesh.

Venue; Lucknow
Date: 20/12/2017
Time 08:30 AM Panel 8
At the entrance they check my admit Card and ID proof. We were told to settle down in a lounge. I then appeared for biometric for entry and Exit both simultaneously; it means they will do it twice. Then I verified my documents. Here they check all relevant docx meticulously i.e.10th board certificate, graduation Degree/ mark sheets/ Higher degrees if any, caste certificate( Format issued by UP govt Online was acceptable but it should not be issued more than 2 years ago), Experience certificate/ NOC for PSU, For private entities they were accepting a declaration but experience certificate is must etc.

I was through in the DV process without any hassle. Now I was told to wait in candidate room (Washroom facility available) near to Interview cabins. As soon as I entered in washroom Orderly called me for an interview and in hurry, I got an injury in my finger while opening the washroom gate and it started bleeding so I told orderly to wait for a moment. Anyhow I managed my bleeding ( I just want to tell to aspirants that any kind of mishap may happen but you have to manage and be cool while interview).
I took a deep breath and was ready to take charge.

Me: May I come in Ma’am (As only a lady was visible in first glance)
Language of interview was Hindi (As they started in Hindi)
F: Come In Have seat
I greeted Good Morning Ma’am and Good Morning Sirs!

Panel Head M1-( While going through my Docx) So Mukesh Kumar Pal Aap Auraiya se aaye . Aap kab aaye
Me: Sir me kal sham ko aaya tha

M1: kaha stay kiya tha
Me: Sir ek friend yaha jo Aashiya chorahe k pas ahta h

M1: tab to badiya tha, bilkul pas me stay tha apka
M1: Aapne PG kiya h and aap IDBI Abnk me job kar rahe h
Me: (Interupted)  sir maine job Chhod di  h

M1: Why
Me: Sir, I was happy, satisfied and motivated while working in IDBI Bank later my Wife joined in Health Dept. UP state Govt so I decided to get transferred to UP ( As I Was posted in Pune )but my bank was not ready to transfer me now I waited for six months and again requested but failed to get transferred. Then due to some emergency at my home, I decide to quit IDBI Bank.

M1; you appeared for any other Banking exam like IBPS PO.
Me: No sir

M1: Why
Me: Sir, Here I will be getting chance to serve as Scale 2 officer and I will be in UP or nearby state so I can accompany my family.

M1: but It is pan India job.
Me: Yes sir it is. But I did quite well in exam and hopeful to get a bank in UP. Moreover, I have intense will to serve rural people as I also belong to a village.
M1:  So you are willing to work in rural area and if you are posted to HO you will not work(smiling)
Me: Sir in HO I will definitely learn from seniors and there is a lot to learn on a macro level.( seems satisfied)

M2: What is PMJDY and PMJJY, No frill account, MSME
Me: replied well (did some discussion, I was not able to tell the insurance amount which is given free in PMJDY account).

M2: What is financial inclusion, NPA and its classification, SARFAESI Act and its notice and procedure?
Me: FI told, NPA told, I made a mistake while defining doubtful asset, overall they were cool with my answers.

M2: How much is IDBI Bank’s NPA
Me: I am not sure sir but it is around 14-15% net NPA, therefore, PCA was triggered to my Bank. (It was 15% I googled later)

M2; what is PCA?
Me: (already prepared for the question) Told confidently and convinced.

F: you told about PMJDY. Who started it?
Me; Sir ( She smiled), sorry!! Ma’am, it was inaugurated by Our PM Shri Narendra Modi Sir

F: during demonetization what happened in these accounts?
Me: Some people rooted their illegal/black money through these accounts and without much effort Bank was able to get funds

F; (she nodded) Yes low-cost mobilization of the fund.
M3: What was your subject in PG.
 I replied Economics

M3: What did you read in economics?
Me: Sir I read international economics in which international trade theory, tariff quota, Balance of payments etc.(I have special liking in that part so I told)

M3: You might heard Export-Import. Tell me what India imports and exports
Me: I was just blank for a moment as this was not from economics its GK, later I replied “ Sir in import we mainly import OIL

M3: Oil?? Mustard Oil
Me: With a smile No Sir! Its petroleum oil and in export we export diamond, machinery items and services(with little hesitation as services can’t be moved out to another country physically) as labour is cheaper in our country

M3: What is GDP?
Me: Told nicely (after all I am PG in economics)

M3: What is GNP?
Me: Told. Again hit four as I am PG in economics

M4: ( I think he was a psychologist as he was busy in jotting down something while I was answering) What your father does?
Me: Sir He is retired Sub Inspector of UP Police and now looks after farming As I am having some land in my village (I told them intentionally about farming)

M4: How many acres in one hectare?
Me: 1 hectare is equal to 2.47 acres ( again hit boundary, he affirmed  Good)

M4: If you have to finance 10000Rs and margin is 20%. How much will you finance?
Me: took few seconds to calculate and answered 8000 rs. he again affirmed good.

Finally panel head started concluding. He corrected me about types of NPA which I described incorrectly earlier in the interview so I told him sorry Sir! I was not clear about it. He said “Don’t be sorry you did well”(After hearing his words YOU DID WELL I was like wow!!!) Handshake was offered I moved out after wishing them a good day.
What I personally felt that it was an interactive interview. Though I was speaking bit fast but I was able to maintain a smile on me and a perfect eye contact throughout the interview.

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