Its not a success story its my Failure Story : Narendra singh (IBPS RRB Clerk)

“Till the full stop doesn’t come, the sentence is not complete”: Amrendra Kumar (IBPS RRB PO)

Hi, I am Narendra Singh (discuss id nimbu pani). I am from Dehradun (UK). I have done my BCA from private college Dehradun and graduated in 2014 sep. I got placed in Wipro and worked there only for 1 month. Thereafter I resigned (personal problem).

In 2015 I am not able to clear section cutoff of English and gk. After that one of mine friend told me about bankers Adda. I followed bankersadda daily for gk given lots of gk quizzes. My journey for banking exam preparation started from August 2015 and I became a regular user of bakersadda. Initially, I gave some mock test to gauge the difficulty level of banking exams and to know from where should I start my preparation.

My entire preparation was focused on mock tests. After each mock test, I would analyze where I was lacking and started working more on that topics. For each topic, I would watch some video from YouTube and practiced more questions using that trick. I gave around 70 mock test for PRE EXAM.
Coming to mock test series I started giving adda247 tests only along with some free mock tests available online. Gradually my marks improved and confidence level also increased.

*ख्वाब टूटे है ..........मगर हौंसले जिन्दा है* ..............
 *हम वो है    ........  जहाँ मुश्किलें शर्मिदा है* .........

Exam result given in 2016 –17:

SBI Assistant – (Pre cleared, Mains not cleared by 4 marks)
BOM PO- (Failed by 3 Marks)
IBPS PO = (Pre Cleared, Main NOT CLEARED (Failed in English)
IBPS RRB Officer Scale 1 – (Pre not cleared by 0.25 marks)
IBPS RRB Office Assistant (failed)
New India AO – (Pre Cleared, Failed in Mains by 3 marks)
POST Office Officer Scale 1 – (Pre Not cleared by 2 mark)
RBI Assistant – (Pre not cleared by 14 marks)
IBPS Clerk – (Pre Cleared, reserve list ) waiting until Exam result is given in 2017
Rbi assistant –failed pre by 18 marks
Sbi po failed in mains 
Bob pgdbf failed in written
IBPS PO mains cleared final result awaited
Ibps clerk 7 result waiting 
Ibps PO RRB failed in final bye 4 marks aprox  interview was not good
Ibps RRB assistant  cleared (Uttrakhand Gramin bank)

I want share some beautiful line for all my BA friends

मुश्किलें जरुर है ,मगर ठहरा नहीं हूँ मै
मंजिल से जरा कह दो ,अभी पहुंचा नहीं हूँ मै.
कदमो को बाँध न पाएंगी ,मुसीबत की जंजीरे,
रास्तों से जरा कह दो ,अभी भटका नहीं हूँ मै.
सब्र का बाँध टूटेगा,तो फना कर के रख दूंगा ,
दुश्मन से जरा कह दो ,अभी गरजा नहीं हूँ मै ."
साथ चलता है ,दुआओं का काफिला
किस्मत से कह दो अभी तनहा नहीं हूँ मै "

I want to thanks my parents,  kabir  Sir, sheetal mam, arpit sir, swati  Mam, gopal anand sir kush sir  and my sis for motivate to me  and some BA friend innayat, selena Gomez,sharabi sir ,sankalp,tuktuk mam,sandeep jammu,tigress,  pandey ji haldwani wale ,dot mam goodday mam  or bhi bhut log h thnx for guiding me  And now I am silent reader of BA and thnxx BA family

All the Best!!

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