Beat The Exam Stress | Crack 2018 Bank Exams

Being stressed during examinations is common nowadays when there is such a tough competition out there. You might feel exhausted of studying under pressure, confused, worried that you won’t do well etc. The little amount of stress is necessary as it helps you work efficiently, think faster and more effectively, and improves your performance. On the other hand, an increased amount of stress may lead to lack of capability to concentrate and thus affect your performance in a negative way.

Yes, students, the competition is tough. But then, you should not forget that there are candidates who fight against this toilsome competition and bring it off every year. So, to get through these competitive examinations, you all must learn effective ways to reduce the stress levels. Becoming aware of what causes your anxiety will help to reduce the stress. You should always know what exactly is the reason behind the excess of stress that you are suffering with. We will be discussing some of the major factors that can cause stress during one's preparation phase and how she can deal with it with poise. Here are the main reasons for the examination stress:

1. Tough Competition
2. Inferiority Complex
3. Weaker Subjects/ Topics
4. Fear of facing the Real Examination
5. Time constraint

You might find yourself unable to stand the pace and the thought of not being able to fight these stressors can actually scare the daylights out of you. But there is a solution to every problem and so is the case with examination stress. People more often try to overcome this stress in many unhelpful ways. 
  • First, you should always bear in mind that the competition is tough for everyone, you are not the only one who has to fight against it. 
  • Second, no one is inferior to anyone as one might get a lead over you in a particular subject but she might be weaker in another subject that you are excellent at. 
  • Third, every weakness of yours can be turned into your strength once worked upon efficiently. 
  • Fourth, if you keep practicing with the online test series on a regular basis, no competitive examination seems outlandish to you because you are already used to facing that interface. 
  • Fifth, time can be managed by working on your schedule and planning your study hours out. 

You may try to avoid your studies as it is causing you stress, may also tend to ignore a particular or topic that you are not good at and may not revise the topics that you are already done with because thinking you will do badly anyway. Change this attitude and make an early start on your revision. Once you are done with the topics in advance, you get enough of extra hours to revise everything that you have already done. Regular studies reduce the level of stress, as the number of topics to be done does not accumulate into blizzards, hence provide the aspirant with a better physical and mental health.

You should also engage yourself in self-care strategies during preparation phase by keeping an eye on your sleep, nutrition, exercise, and implementing a few relaxation routines. Take a nap and exercise before exams. It resets your brain, increases blood flow to the brain and prepares you for critical thinking and retention. Do not exercise for too long, you don’t have to waste that much of time, 15 minutes will be enough.

Make sure you take out time to converse with someone, your friends, family, stranger, anyone. You need a support system and someone who encourages you. Remind yourself that feeling anxious is normal and is one's natural reaction to any external pressure. The key is to put these nerves to positive use. Try to face the situation with a strong willpower rather than avoiding or escaping from it. If you keep your faith, your trust, the right attitude, and if you're grateful, you'll see new doors of opportunities and success opening up on their own.