Criticism is another Opportunity to Excel - “Your Journey Is The Reward”

Who do you admire in your life? Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs, will smith? The truth about being successful is that we all perceive successful people as the people of value. Success leaves footprints however every person's footprints does not guarantee you success. Then how do we succeed? Is there any formula for success? How can we motivate our self to accomplish the dreams and make a better tomorrow? Well, if you are reading this article I will assume that all of you have specified dreams and goals for which you need guidance and direction.

Success is nothing but the outcome of “FAILURE” and “CRAP”-

None of us like to be criticized, but honestly, it can be used as the biggest weapon to resist your failure. So, where does this feeling of being inferior comes from? Friends, Family, Relatives and even when there is no one, sometimes, we just look into the mirror and question ourselves- are we going the same way we want to? Should I try much harder or should I quit?No doubt, you’ll find quitting the easier way and walk away from your goals because we all like to be in our comfort zone, we all want fame, money, designation, authority, dignity but without paying the cost i.e “HARD WORK”. Remember “everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms-to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” This is his or her own choice and thus will be decided by that very individual.

Never doubt yourself, know that you are smart, never suspect your ability, sense of worthiness. Always love your work, money will come one or the other way. Its all about hard work, nothing comes easily. All one has to do is focusing on one thing. Put your nose down in something and get good Damn at it and what does this require? “PRACTICE”

Feel privileged to serve as a Teacher, if that what you become, serve others, be something of value. LISTEN-OBSERVE-BE CURIOUS-ASK QUESTION-SOLVE PROBLEMS-MAKE CONNECTIONS. “PERSISTENCE is the number one reason for success.”

By learning and mastering the skill of working hard you will achieve several wonderful sides of yourself:

  • you’ll be able to achieve what exactly you want to
  • you will be able to design rest of your life rather than just living it.
  • you will become a person who resembles richness as well as purpose with meaning and direction.
  • you'll be a confident person
  • you will inspire others to live their dreams and make them come true
  • you will have the power to let go your past negative experiences and to make new ones.

We applaud you for looking something better for your future; A future in which you seek to grow wiser. We admire your determination to achieve more and more and to create a better vision of life. These small steps will certainly help you in making your dreams part of your life.

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