February Current Affairs for SBI Clerk 2018 | 11th March 2018

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January Current Affairs for SBI Clerk 2018

So much is happening around the globe every day that unless you keep yourself abreast of these updates you cannot adjust yourself to deal with the GA section of any exam smoothly and easily. Current Affairs not only play an important role in letting you get through the GA Section of the Bank Exams but the Group Discussion and Personal Interview rounds of various examinations. So, here are a few must-do General Knowledge questions and answers on current affairs, being provided to you by Bankersadda to help you make your grip stronger on Current Affairs.

Q1.  Name the India’s leading squash player who had recently jumped five places to No. 14 to become the highest ranked Indian in the latest Professional Squash Association (PSA) rankings.
Answer: Saurav Ghosal

Q2. India has defeated ____________ to lift the Under 19 World cup 2018.
Answer: Australia

Q3. Namibia was recently in the News due to lack of food for its army. What is the Capital of Namibia?
Answer: Windhoek

Q4. In the Under 19 World cup 2018, ______________ was declared Player of the Tournament.
Answer: Shubman Gill

Q5. Gregory Gaultier is currently at No. 1 Position in the Professional Squash Association (PSA) rankings. He is from which country?
Answer: France

Q6. Which state government has approved Ghodazari in Chandrapur district as a new wildlife sanctuary in the state?
Answer: Maharashtra

Q7. Which Asian country has recently (4 February) celebrated its 70th Independence Day?
Answer: Sri Lanka

Q8. The book penned down by PM Narendra Modi named ___________ was launched to reach out to the students across the country ahead of their exams.
Answer: Exam Warriors

Q9. In India Open badminton series 2018, name the player from China who was the winner in Men's Singles category.
Answer: Shi Yuqi

Q10. The World Cancer Day is observed on ____________ every year to raise awareness about cancer, its treatment and to encourage methods of its prevention.
Answer: 4 February

Q11. Name the person who was sworn in as the 16th Chairman of the Federal Reserve for a four-year term.
Answer: Jerome H Powell

Q12. Name the airport of India that has recently set record with 980 flights in 24 hours and became the busiest Single-Runway airport in the world.
Answer: Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International airport

Q13. Which State government in association with UNICEF has launched massive door to door campaign DASTAK to eradicate deadly Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES) and Japanise Encephalitis (JE) disease in the state?
Answer: Uttar Pradesh

Q14. _____________ and the United Nations World Food Program signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement committing an unprecedented $370 million dollars to WFP over the next four years. The contribution for the period 2018-2021 is the biggest ever made by a donor within a WFP Strategic Partnership Agreement.
Answer: Sweden

Q15. Maybank Championship was held recently in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is a/an ____________ Tournament.
Answer: Golf