General Awareness Questions for SBI Clerk 2018: 10th March 2018

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General Awareness Questions for SBI Clerk 2018
Current Affairs and General Awareness Questions

Having enough of knowledge of Current Affairs as well as the banking industry is all that is important to perform well in the General Awareness Section of any banking exam. You should know what is happening around the globe. One section that can help you bagging graceful marks in these examinations is General Awareness, that comprises of numerous sections like Banking Awareness, Static GK, and Current Affairs. Here is the quiz on General Awareness that is being provided by Adda247 to help you ace graceful marks in the banking examinations.

Q1. India and Palestine have recently signed six Memorandums of Understanding (MoU)s worth ___________.
(a) USD 48 million
(b) USD 50 million
(c) USD 55 million
(d) USD 40 million
(e) USD 65 million

Q2. In which of the following city of India, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh had recently launched the first of its kind Centre for learning Sanskrit language?
(a) Bhubaneswar
(b) Ahmedabad
(c) Jhansi
(d) Varanasi
(e) Allahabad

Q3. India and Oman have signed eight MoUs in different areas during PM Narendra Modi’s maiden visit to the Gulf nation. Who among the following is the Sultan of Oman?
(a) Salim bin Sultan
(b) Said bin Ahmad
(c) Qaboos bin Said al Said
(d) Turki bin Said
(e) Said III bin Taimur

Q4. The country’s largest lender SBI wrote off bad loans worth ___________ in 2016-17, the highest among all the public sector banks.
(a) Rs 20,339 crore
(b) Rs 30,345 crore
(c) Rs 40,345 crore
(d) Rs 45,124 crore
(e) Rs 37,356 crore

Q5. Reserve Bank of India labelled HDFC Bank as DSIBs in other words, 'too big to fail'. DSIBs stands for-
(a) Domestic Systemically Important Below
(b) Domestic Systemically Important Base
(c) Domestic Systemically Important Banks
(d) Domestic Systemically Important Branch
(e) Domestic Systemically Important Brand

Q6. Who is the present Chairman of HDFC Bank?
(a) Uday Kotak
(b) Chanda Kochhar
(c) Shikha Sharma
(d) Aditya Puri
(e) Rajnish Kumar

Q7. Where is the Head Office of AU Small Finance Bank?
(a) Muzaffarpur
(b) Fatehpur
(c) Kanpur
(d) Nagpur
(e) Jaipur

Q8. Name the oil company that have acquired a 10% stake for the first time in a large offshore oilfield Abu Dhabi National Oil Co.’s (ADNOC) in Abu Dhabi for $600 million.
(a) HPCL Internationals Ltd
(b) BPCL Videsh Ltd
(c) IOCL International Ltd
(d) Indian Oil Internationals Ltd
(e) ONGC Videsh Ltd

Q9. Name the Pune-based swimmer who has recently become the first Asian to swim across the Ocean Seven.
(a) Sandeep Sejwal
(b) Sajan Prakash
(c) Virdhawal Khade
(d) Rohan More
(e) Shikha Tandon

Q10. India and the UAE inked 5 agreements related to energy & railway sectors, manpower and financial services. What is the Currency of the UAE?
(a) dinar
(b) reil
(c) dirham
(d) peso
(e) sheqel

Q11. Which of the following Indian city is the 12th richest city in the world with a total wealth of $950 billion, according to a report by New World Wealth?
(a) Delhi
(b) Bengaluru
(c) Mumbai
(d) Pune
(e) Kolkata

Q12. The Melghat Tiger reserve is in-
(a) Odisha
(b) Assam
(c) Karnataka
(d) Maharashtra
(e) Gujarat

Q13. Valley of Flowers National Park is situated in which of the following Indian state? 
(a) Karnataka
(b) Kerala
(c) West Bengal
(d) Uttar Pradesh
(e) Uttarakhand

Q14. Which city is served by Bhuntar Airport? 
(a) Tirupati
(b) Kullu
(c) Raipur
(d) Gangtok
(e) Agra

Q15. Sharmila Nicollet has become the first Indian to qualify for the China LPGA Tour. She is related to which sports?
(a) Table Tennis
(b) Golf
(c) Chess
(d) Luge Sports
(e) Cue sports