How to prepare for English language section? | SBI Clerk 2018

The SBI clerk 2018 exam is tentatively scheduled in the month of June\July. The competition is going to be very tough and to beat this competition, its time to kick start your preparations from now. As you have ample of time, this is the best time to analyze your mistakes and work upon them. We all know that everyone of us have different mental capabilities. Our friend may be good at one thing in which we may not be that good. We don’t need to match what others can do, we need to improve our capabilities to be the best. This is the best time to know your capabilities and your weaknesses. Give tests and then see which are the topics you are weak at and you have plenty of time to work upon those topics.

In these exams, it is not necessary to solve all the questions, the thing that is necessary is that whatever we do must be accurate. Many of you find it difficult to score good marks in English section. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to clear even the sectional cutoff for an average student. Even those who are good in speaking English are not able to clear this section because the type of questions asked in the exam are confusing and tricky. 

One must be worried about the level of questions getting difficult year by year. In the previous years, the level of English has become very difficult and its because of new surprising patterns and more confusing and modified questions. You need to have a thorough knowledge of the subject to clear this subject. So, here’s a strategy to help you prepare well for this section. 

The major topics important for bank exams and their preparation techniques are as follows:

Reading comprehension: This is the most holistic type of section as it tests all your concepts and your ability of understanding. To prepare for this section, read newspaper editorials with proper understanding. This will make you familiar with the writing style used in this section. Sometimes paragraphs come directly from various articles of leading English newspapers. Our portals provide many RC questions which you can practice strengthening this topic.

Grammar: Questions from Error spotting, sentence correction, fill in the blanks require knowledge of grammar to solve them. Read standard grammar books to prepare topics like articles, tenses, verbs, modifiers, connectors, determiners, gerunds etc.

Vocabulary: Phrasal replacement, cloze test, fill in the blanks, double fillers, antonyms-synonyms, all these questions require good vocabulary. To improve your vocabulary, read new words daily. You can also learn new words from our daily vocab words list. Sometimes RC gets time consuming and we are not able to attempt desired number of questions, so if we have 2-3 questions related to antonym-synonym we can directly attempt them without wasting much time. Sometimes we can even deduce the meaning of the word by reading by reading the line in the article. This is a very important topic for this section.

Verbal ability: Para jumbles are asked from this section. you need to have an idea about how to analyze the theme of the jumbles and then relate the sentences.

These are the main topics and questions are mostly asked on these. Try to read newspaper daily and practice more and more questions. The more you practice, the more you will get familiar with the type of questions and the better you will perform. We always try to avoid practicing subjects we are weak at and this is the biggest mistake. If we work upon our weaknesses then we can achieve what we want.

So, plan and start your preparations right away. 

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