Why SBI Clerk Examination Has Been Postponed???

Dear Students, the dates of SBI Clerk Examination have already been postponed and the notification of SBI PO is not out yet. Many of you must be wondering what's the reason behind all of this. So, as we unfold the mystery, we would like to let you know that the State Bank of India is now awaiting the verdict for a case filed against it by a group of students. The group claimed that SBI, in its previous year recruitment, selected a few candidates who had scored as low as 0 marks in one or the other sections of the Mains Examination. The criteria for sectional cut-off was abruptly eliminated and more than 150 candidates who scored 0 marks in a particular section were called upon for the GDPI round and more than 50 such candidates were actually selected for the post of Probationary Officer in the bank.

Although the SBI Clerk Prelims Examination is delayed, it hasn't been canceled yet. Take it positive and now that you all have got extra time to prepare for the new pattern examination, make the most of this opportunity and be on the ball to face this examination. Many of you are worried about the Quantitative Aptitude Section if how you will manage to solve 35 questions within a time bound of just 20 minutes. So, you have already got extra time to work on your speed and that's the only key to scoring good marks in this new pattern SBI Clerk Prelims 2018 Examination. Attempt online mocks on a regular basis and the focus should also be on the accuracy with which you attempt the examination instead of just attempting the maximum number of questions within minimum time. Although sectional cut-off has been removed, the criteria for overall cut-off still remains the same so do not just ignore a particular section while preparations. Attempting a fairly good number of questions in all the sections will only ensure your success as that is definitely going to fetch you a high overall score.

The SBI PO notification is not yet released but it is expected to be released very soon. So, all those who are still waiting for the official notification to start off their preparations must begin to prepare for it right away as you do not know how much time you will get for your preparations after the release of the notification. It is expected that the pattern of SBI PO Prelims is going to be similar to that of Clerk's so practice accordingly. Rest depends on SBI if it introduces a new change in the pattern of PO examination again or not. You just be ready for a bolt from the blues and prepare yourself as per a level that is a step ahead of the banking examinations held in the days gone by. Now you have your work cut out for you, work your fingers to the bone so as to get to the crest of a wave. 

All the best!!