Winner Of Adda247 Essay Writing Contest

Dear Students, as the countdown timer runs out, we are pleased to announce that Geetika Kapoor (email id: kapo**** has been selected by Adda247 as the winner of the Essay Writing Contest that was announced on Women's Day. We applaud the endeavor of the winner who did an excellent job in proving herself to be a dab hand at writing. Apart from the winner, we also thank everyone else who submitted their work and put their vigorous efforts in writing the essays they sent to us.

Around 2500 candidates from across the country participated in the contest. The winner will be rewarded with free Prime Subscription (Bank or SSC Prime) and his essay will be published in the next edition of Competition Power Magazine. The winner's essay has been selected as the best essay in terms of uniqueness of the content, 0% plagiarism, the facts mentioned and the arguments made by him to support his statements, and the overall structure of the essay, as well as the right direction given to it from the start of the introduction to the conclusion.

Congratulations to the winner and the ones who couldn't bring it off may try their luck in the contests we will be coming up with in future. We hope writing for this contest also helped you guys work on your writing skills that would definitely serve a purpose in the upcoming competitive exams having descriptive paper as an important part of the selection process.