Important Topics of Group Discussion for Canara and Syndicate Bank PO 2018

Dear Aspirants, 

The group discussion round of two major banks, Canara and Syndicate bank are lined up in the coming days. It is the last hurdle for the qualified candidates to become probationary officers in the public-sector banks. So, they must prepare these expected topics as they can help them to crack the group discussion round. 

Group discussion is a very important parameter in the selection process. The selection depends on your performance in the group discussion. It is very important for you to understand the topic to present your views on it. In this article, we will discuss the expected topics that may be asked in the GD, but before that it is important to know what all is required in a GD and how you must present yourself to leave a positive impact on the panel. The people in the panel will judge you on your leadership qualities, communication skills, knowledge of the topic, your way of speaking etc. You have to keep all these things in mind. First of all, be confident when you speak. If you are not comfortable with English, then speak in Hindi but try not to blabber in between. Also, give a thought before you speak as you must be confident and clear with your points. Always speak in a polite tone, do not get aggressive between the GD.

It is best if you try to initiate the GD as it leaves a good impact on the examiners. Speak your views and also try to listen what others say. Now, the most important part to crack a GD is to understand the topic well and present your views. The group discussion topics can be based on current affairs, social issues and business and economy. You have to be well aware about the day to day happenings and various issues. Here are a few expected topics that you must prepare to help you in the group discussion. 

  • Women child Abuse and harassment.
  • Reservation System in Government Jobs.
  • Water disputes
  • FDI in India
  • Women Empowerment
  • Exam Paper Leaks- Education
  • Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal
  • Digital India
  • Should cryptocurrency be made legal?

These topics can prove beneficial for you. Prepare these topics well and you can secure your seat in the job. This is the last hurdle between you and your selection. Leave no stone unturned in your preparation and give your best. 

All the Best!

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