“Success is all about inexorable ardor and perseverance” - Harsh Raj (IBPS CLERK)

"Never Give Up " - Shashank (IBPS PO, Canara Bank)

From Harsh Raj , Bihar(Muzaffarpur)

“Success is all about inexorable ardor and perseverance”

I’m Harsh Raj(21) from a small town of Bihar(Muzaffarpur). It all started back in August 2017. After pursuing BCA, I came across a few job opportunities but turned them down because they weren't lucrative enough & offering meager salary. Thus began my journey to be a banker, as my parents dreamt of it as well.

First & foremost, it was CHSL 2016. Clearing all its phases, I missed the provisional allotment by 1.5 marks. It came as a bolt from the blue, leaving me miffed. 

Then, came the turn for IBPS PO & clerk. The inception itself proved to be a turning point. I got selected in PO pre with 47.75 marks & later on cleared PO mains with flying colors. The interview was a good experience overall & it could be summed up as, at par.

Now came RBI assistant, in which I scored 84.5, still got out of the race. It shook me totally as I wasn't expecting to lose it even after scoring that much.

However, I moved on & it was time for clerk pre. It proved to be a morale booster as I got 87.75 which was way higher than the cutoff(76).

Finally, I was left with clerk mains. Preparing the day in & day out, it went the right way & worked for me. On April 1st, my fate was to be decided. I miserably lost provisional allotment in PO by 3 marks but it somehow got compensated to some extent as I got selected in Union bank of India as clerk, with an aggregate score of 109.28.

Throughout this journey, I benefited a lot from adda247. Being weak at GA, it was never easy for me. But, it was kush sir whose eloquent way of teaching left me spellbound & banking seemed an easy job. For quant, I referred to Study smart mostly & practicing ample no. of questions is the main essence to master English. Moreover, credit goes to my parents, my elder brothers who guided me all the way long & my friends who kept in my high spirits around the corner.

For test series, I relied completely on adda247 & it proved to be a masterstroke.The keyhole was to analyze it post completion & video solutions were of great help. Even the GA capsule came to my rescue at the very last moment. I strongly suggest adda247 for any sort of preparation as the faculties are best at whatever they provide.


Chsl 2016: Missed provisional allotment by 1.5 marks
IBPS PO 7: 47.75(pre), 85.63(mains), 43.85(combined) ; Missed provisional allotment by 3 marks
RBI Assistant: Out in pre itself (84.5)
IBPS Clerk 7: 87.75(pre), 109.28(mains) ; Selected in Union Bank Of India

P.S: Never ever let your fear conquer your dreams. Even if you fail, you have got something to learn. Not everyone is lucky enough to learn from their mistakes & procure the apogee. Don’t cop out on your slumbers because a sound sleep is as necessary as oxygen in our life.

“It’s just the beginning for which you gravely yearned Success down the road will be arduously earned, Making a shift from novice to being learned, Just keep going, your ascendancy is confirmed”

Preparation Strategy:

Quant: Being weak on a few topics of quant, I referred to Study Smart youtube channel along with some random videos as well to master them. You need not rely on a single source or book. As far as basics are concerned, adda247 is of great help. Furthermore, keep on solving questions from different sources, whether it tests series or quizzes. Data Interpretation holds the key here, as nowadays
arithmetic portions are being incorporated in it. So, must brush up your arithmetic part & pace up your calculation skills.

Reasoning: It is the section which I am fond of. It’s all about practice, nothing else. Just keep on solving daily puzzles so as to stay familiar with changing patterns & acquaint yourself with the proper solving approach. I referred to Master Reasoning and adda247 daily quizzes.

English: As per my perspective, English is more about feel rather than grammatical skills. For grammar, you can refer any book of your choice as rules aren’t meant to vary from book to book. Otherwise, it’s all about reading skills & understanding. The more you read, the more you get familiar with it. I won’t suggest a newspaper even as I never did so. Read articles which you are comfortable with, no matter whatever the genre be, on the web or in newspapers. You can go through apps like The Editorial Opinion & Opeddiction for editorials. Moreover, for a stronger vocab, what I used to do was not to jot down the word once I came across it, but to use it at the very moment by framing a sentence of my own. Since I am fond of writing quotes and poems, it helped me to recall that word for a longer period. Most importantly, the strategy here is of utmost importance. In exams, opting reading comprehension & sentence rearrangement was my last priority, post solving rest of the questions. There are a lot of channels on youtube like adda247, from where you can get benefited immensely. Practice is the key here, so focus on solving ample amount of questions keeping in mind the changing pattern. I only did questions of test series and analyzed them post completion which worked for me.

General Awareness: I was totally naïve about this section, particularly banking. After toggling a lot, I came across banking classes of kush sir on adda247 youtube platform, and it proved to be a blessing in disguise for me. The way he taught was way beyond what one could ever imagine. Whatever I am today, it is because of him only. For static portion, I followed a certain strategy of forming my own tricks and conventions so that it remains in my mind forever. Talking about current affairs, I never relied on a single source, I went through 3-4 sources, comprising bankersadda, currenaffairs adda etc . It might sound hectic but it isn’t so, as there are common questions as well. This way, I was never short of current affairs. Being a game changer section, you need to toil on this. You’ll get the maximum outcome here.

Study Plan: Hardly 5-6 hrs a day, apart from sets. Never waste your precious time on offline sets as it is no use in present context. Stress on analyzing the sets post completion, so that whenever you encounter any such problem as in the current set, you will be able to solve it within a fraction of time. Be your own master.

“An upshot of inexorable ardor and wait,  Held my nerves to procure this feat, Will keep on truckin’ exhibiting my trait, It’s just the teasor, the picture isn’t over yet”


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