"When You Have a Dream, People can See it in Your Eyes": Rahul Tibrewal (IBPS PO)

"Fight with all Your might, and taste the Hard Earned Success": Shubham Kumar Gupta (IBPS PO, UCO Bank)

Name- Rahul Tibrewal
Qualification- B.TECH in Electrical Engineering
Exam Qualified- IBPS PO 2017
IBPS PO 2016 (Mains cleared but didn't attend the interview) 

Dear Friends,

First of all, I want to say a heartily thanks to my family, friends and team BA for their support, guidance and the unlimited pool of knowledge. From last one year, I am an ardent and silent reader of all the post shared by team BA. But now I think I've words to speak so I am going to share with you guys how I managed to crack this exam in this short period and small age.

First makeup yourself mentally, stay focused, Stay Hungry and Stay Foolish. No matter who is teaching you, he/she can be a child or a 50 years old person, Try to learn each and every second. Learn more and explore more.

How to study different subjects?

I'll take the example of Quantitative Aptitude -

People often say refer this book for Bank exams, refer that book for bank exams.  But I'll say do not go for a book. The question is why? Because when we study from a book, we try to solve questions of one particular type at a time. But practically in bank exam, we do not have the sequence of first 2 questions from Profit & Loss and next two from Time & Work.

So I will suggest you to go through the concept of each topic at once then follow BA post everyday. Everyday BA provide at least 30 questions for maths. Here you can find mixed questions. So your mind will start working in a way that you will be able to solve questions of the different type in sequence. That's the only thing we need in banking exams. Same case applies with Reasoning and English.

How to study GA?

The frequently asked question among banking aspirants is -How to study General Awareness?

My answer is - BankersAdda

Because in last one year I could not find any other source better than BA. BA Team provides precised and accurate GA points daily and they also ask in question answer manner. So I'll suggest you guys to make notes for GA from the posts of BA.

The great Chanakya said-

"Learn from the experience of others, If you will try to experience everything by your own then this life is not enough."

So guys learn, learn and learn.
Move forward each and everyday.
Go beyond your limits. 
Explore everything.

Thank You, Rahul Tibrewal for sharing your success story on Bankersadda and we wish you all the very best for your future as a Banker ahead...


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