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Vocabulary is an important part of English that helps you deal with all kinds of questions in objective as well as descriptive papers of various exams. You can learn new words daily from our Daily Word ListLearn the words and make your own sentences on the basis of the given word list. Here are a few words and phrases from articles published in a reputed Newspaper.


The World Bank’s growth forecast for India lacks surprise element. With the prediction of a good monsoon this season, the country may even surpass its estimate of 7.3% in the current financial year. IMF’s growth forecast for the country was a (1) notch higher at 7.4%. The economy actually grew at 7.2% in the third quarter last year, the fastest growth in five quarters; thanks to the (2) waning to the effects of demonetization and GST. Now, the economy seems to be (3) poised to gain acceleration every quarter. But we are still away from total recovery after the twin disruptions. Let us not forget that the country was growing at the rate of 8.2 % in the year that preceded the demonetization bump.

There is an (4) apprehension that crude oil prices, which is heading north, may (5) spike further due to geopolitical reasons, particularly the Syrian crisis. Rising prices of petrol and diesel have already started pinching the common man. Any further hike in the fuel rates could force the government to (6) stray from its fiscal consolidation road map. The biggest and real threat is jobless growth, which has also been underscored by the World Bank in its biannual South Asia Economic Focus Report. According to the report, India would be required to grow at the rate of 18 per cent per annum to absorb its (7) bourgeoning workforce. This is a (8) daunting task. The informal sector had been the worst hit by the twin disruptions that reduced the self employed into job seekers. Now the time has come to test the (9) efficacy of programmes like Skill India, Standup India and Startup India. The government must give policy (10) impetus to investments for job creation.

1. NOTCH (noun)=चिह्न
Meaning: a point or degree in a scale.
Synonyms: degree, step, level, rung, point, mark, measure, grade, gradation, stage.
Antonyms: bulge, convexity, projection, inflate, infuse, cram.

2. WANE (verb)=अधोगति
Meaning: decrease in vigour or extent; become weaker.
Synonyms: decline, diminish, dwindle, shrink, contract, subside, slacken, droop, ebb, peter out, attenuate, slump, flag, atrophy, deteriorate, crumble.
Antonyms: build, burgeon, enlarge, escalate, expand, grow, intensify, mount, rise, snowball, soar, swell, wax.

3. POISED (adjective)=संतुलित रखना
Meaning: having a composed and self-assured manner.
Synonyms: composed, calm, and collected, tranquil, serene, unperturbed, unruffled, impassive, dignified, imperturbable, suave, urbane, elegant, unfazed, unflappable.
Antonyms: fluctuation, inconstancy, insecurity, instability, mutability, precariousness, shakiness, unsteadiness, volatility, disequilibrium, imbalance.

4. APPREHENSION (noun) =कुछ गलत होने का भय
Meaning: anxiety or fear that something bad or unpleasant will happen.
Synonyms: angst, alarm, worry, uneasiness, unease, nervousness, disquiet, agitation, restlessness, edginess, fidgetiness, trepidation, perturbation, consternation, foreboding, presentiment.
Antonyms: excitement, hope, hopefulness, calmness, contentment, easiness, peacefulness, placidity, quietude, sereneness, serenity, tranquility, comfort, consolation.

5. SPIKE (verb) =नुकीला करना
Meaning: impale on or pierce with a sharp point.
Synonyms: impale, spear, skewer; pierce, penetrate, perforate, stab, run through, stick, spit, transfix, transpierce
Antonyms: debilitate, do in, drain, enervate, enfeeble, exhaust, fatigue, harass, wash out, weaken, wear, wear out, curb, inhibit, repress.

6. STRAY (verb) =भटकना
Meaning: move away aimlessly from a group or from the right course or place.
Synonyms: drift, get separated, lose one's way, digress, deviate, wander, drift, get sidetracked, divagate.
Antonyms: fixed, regular, set, stable, steady, to manage, to be ordered, planned
deliberate, purposeful, thoughtful, organized.

7. BOURGEONING (adjective) =तेजी से बढ़ना
Meaning: growing, expanding, or developing rapidly.
Synonyms: accelerating, accumulating, enlarging, escalating, expanding, increasing, mounting, proliferating, rolling up.
Antonyms: contracting, decreasing, diminishing, dwindling, slumping, receding, waning.

8. DAUNTING (adjective) =कठिन
Meaning: seeming difficult to deal with in prospect; intimidating.
Synonyms: intimidating, formidable, disconcerting, dismaying; discouraging, dispiriting, demoralizing; forbidding, ominous, frightening, fearsome, mean-looking.
Antonyms: cheering, animating, enlivening, invigorating, enforcing, fortifying, strengthening, reassuring,
exciting, stimulate, stirring, encouraging.

9. EFFICACY (noun) =प्रभावकारिता
Meaning: the ability to produce a desired or intended result.
Synonyms: edge, effectiveness, effectualness, efficiency, productiveness, ability, capability, capacity, puissance.
Antonyms: inability, inadequacy, incompetency, ineffectiveness, ineffectuality, inefficiency.

10. IMPETUS (noun)=प्रवर्तक बल
Meaning: something that makes a process or activity happen or happen more quickly.
Synonyms: motivation, stimulus, incentive, inducement, inspiration, encouragement, boost, urging, pressing, goading, spurring, prodding.
Antonyms: deterrent, hindrance, disincentive, slothfulness, inactivity, block, brake, curb.

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