Why am I not able to score well in English?

Dear Readers,
English is a game changer subject these days in almost all competitive exams. A significant number of students turn out to be unsuccessful in the exam because they are not able to clear the cutoff for this section. But if you are able to improve upon this subject, then you can definitely score well in your exams. Now, the question comes that why are students not able to score well in this section? Here are some common mistakes that students make during their preparation phase, that makes them unable to get a good score in English.
  • Many of you must be reading newspapers and editorials regularly. This is a must do for preparation of English. But you read your editorials daily on hard copy and when you appear for your exam, you have to read the text from the screen. This reduces your speed of reading. Practice reading pdf files of the newspaper on the screen. This will help you increase your speed of reading on the screen. Reading comprehension can then become an easy job for you. 
  • Vocabulary is the most important part of any competitive exams, especially banks. You must include vocab in your daily life. Writing a whole lot of words and maintaining a diary won’t help until you bring these words in practice daily. Use more and more words and then you will not get confused with the words in your exam. 
  • Just studying grammatical rules won’t help. You have to retain them in your mind so well that your brain becomes programmed to choose the correct answer whenever asked for. This can be achieved only with good practice. First clear all your basics of grammar and then attempt a lot of questions. 
  • Many students when asked to read, they just read without getting the meaning of what they have read. Whenever you read something, read it properly and deduce a proper inference out of it. This will help you in better understanding of English. 
  • Last but not the least, while attempting various exams, students attempt some questions for which they are not sure. They say’ apne hisaab se theek kiya hai’. This should be avoided. Accuracy is a very important factor to clear such exams. Attempt a question only if you are sure. Do not guess. As there is negative marking, you will loose marks by doing so. 
You have to practice more and more to become a master of this subject. Remember, nothing is impossible. Even if you are from a Hindi medium school, you still can do well in English. Just make English practice a habit of of your life and with your determination and hard-work, you can make English your scoring subject.