Get PRIME PLUS | Annual Subscription Test Series for Bank & SSC Exams

The bandwidth of getting through competitive exams oscillates from travailing all day and night to filling up the crevices due to which you have had your chips in the days gone by. To get to the crust of the wave, one must always endeavor to find a meaning in faraway horizons and fading ripples. And an endeavor to achieve something great is always bitty if it not escorted by some wonderful sources to add up zest to your monotonous preparations. So, we, team Adda247, bring to you all the packages that are specially prepared in a way that students are able to utilize their precious time in the most prolific manner. We would like to tell you all that, keeping in mind the probity of dreams of the aspirants, we have made vigorous efforts in order to come up with something at works. Here are the three packages: Bank Prime Plus, SSC Prime Plus, and Railways Prime, that provide you all with best of the Adda247 products at a discount of 90%.

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With this Prime Plus Package, you will not only get the test series and existing ebooks but the books that will be uploaded on the store till the time of validity of your package too will be added to your package. Also, you will be given E-Assignments by Career Power with this package. The e-books incorporated into the package are Descriptive Writing Ebook, Interview Ebook, The Hindu Based Current Affairs One-Liners Ebook, Banking Awareness Ebook, Static General Awareness Ebook, etc.

BANK PRIME PLUS package, provides you all with best of the Adda247 products at a price of just Rs. 1699. It incorporates more than 850 mocks (with video solutions) along with bi-monthly GK update practice sets and 100+ (Bilingual-Hindi and English) Ebooks subscriptions. SSC PRIME PLUS package includes 700+ SSC Tier I and Tier II Tests, Test Series especially prepared by Toppers of previous year SSC Examinations, Previous year papers of Tier I and Tier II, Separate Topic-wise Tests and 100+ ebooks. It's a 12-month subscription at a cost as low as just Rs. 999. Railway Prime is also available with Ebooks including 170+ Railway Recruitment Mock Tests for Stage I and Stage II Exams, Previous year papers of Tier I and Tier II, and Separate Section wise Tests. It's a 12-month subscription at a cost as low as just Rs. 699. 

Your faith in us through all these years since the establishment of this educational platform did worth something special from our side. The content has been prepared under the tactical guidance of top rankers and the scintillating minds who have utilized their experience to prepare the study material incorporated into the package. With Bank Prime Plus, discover where you stand and how much more you need to strive, because, in this fight for bank exams, it's like, shape up or ship out, and you are the one who has to decide if to withstand the competition or quit. If you are willing to bring the house down, then subscribe to PRIME PLUS Packages at the earliest. 


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