Important English Quiz for SBI PO Prelims exam: 3rd May 2018

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Important English Quiz for SBI Clerk Prelims Exam: 29th April 2018

 This section can be easy as pie if your basics are clear. Sometimes, even those who can communicate very well in English, fail to perform to the best of their ability in the banking exams. So, instead of boiling the ocean, try building up a strong vocabulary, an effective knowledge of grammar, and efficient comprehension skills so as to be on the ball to face this particular section. Here is a quiz being provided by Adda247 to let you practice the best of latest pattern English Questions.

Directions (1-5): In the question given below two statements are given which are grammatically correct and meaningful. Connect them by choosing the word given below the statements in the best possible way without changing the intended meaning. Choose the best possible word as your answer accordingly from the options to form a correct, coherent sentence. 

Q1. (I) He has proved that he is totally incapable of handling the situation.
(II) The officer is unwilling to admit his mistake.
(a) still
(b) but
(c) becuase
(d) moreover
(e) though

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S1. Ans.(d) Sol. The officer is unwilling to admit his mistake. Moreover, he has proved that he is totally incapable of handling the situation.

Q2. (I) The cricketer played badly.
(II) He was extremely rude to a press photographer.
(a) despite
(b) inspite of
(c) instead
(d) however
(e) in addition

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S2. Ans.(e) Sol. The cricketer played badly. In addition, he was extremely rude to a press photographer.

Q3. (I) He maintains his interest in legal matters.
(II) My uncle is 70 yrs old now.
(a) futhermore
(b) nonetheless
(c) besides
(d) hardly
(e) but

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S3. Ans.(b) Sol. My uncle is 70 yrs old now. Nonetheless, he maintains his interest in legal matters.

Q4. (I) She borrowed my bicycle and never gave it back.
(II) She broke my camera and then pretended that she hadn’t.
(a) on the top of that
(b) inspite of
(c) although
(d) though
(e) and

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S4. Ans.(a) Sol. She borrowed my bicycle and never gave it back. On top of that she broke my camera and then pretended that she hadn’t.

Q5. (I) You can't teach navigation in the middle of the storm.
(II) You can't build a system of values in the current educational climate.
(a) moreover
(b) however
(c) likewise
(d) but
(e) instead

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S5. Ans.(c) Sol. You can't teach navigation in the middle of the storm. Likewise, you can't build a system of values in the current educational climate.

Directions (6-10): In the passage given below there are blanks which are to be filled with the options given below. Find out the appropriate word in each case which can most suitably complete the sentence without altering the meaning of the statement. 

A new report from the World Health Organisation highlights not only how widespread air pollution is in urban India, but also how deficient air quality monitoring is. The report, which summarised 2016 data for 4,300 cities, ranks 14 Indian cities among the 20 most polluted ones globally. While Delhi comes in at number six, Kanpur, Faridabad, Varanasi, Gaya and Patna are ranked ahead of it, by PM 2.5 levels. And yet, Kanpur, Faridabad and several other pollution-choked cities have only one PM 2.5 monitoring station each, while Delhi has several. WHO researchers get around this problem by using alternative data sources such as satellite remote sensing and chemical transport models, along with ground-monitoring stations. The outcome of this exercise makes it clear that air pollution is not a problem of large metropolises alone, even though they have traditionally been the focus of (6).......... efforts. Such wide variations in data quality exist across the world. While Europe has the most (7).......... monitoring network, countries in Africa and the Western Pacific region perform poorly. This means data from these regions are of poor quality, and likely underestimates, resulting in an under-count of the disease burden as well. The report puts the global death toll from air pollution at seven million a year, attributable to illnesses such as lung cancer, pneumonia and ischemic heart disease. In 2016 alone, it says, around 4.2 million people died owing to outdoor air pollution, while 3.8 million people (8).......... to dirty cooking fuels such as wood and cow dung. About a third of these deaths (9)......... in Southeast Asian countries, which include India. Once monitoring improves in these regions, the numbers will likely be (10)......... upwards.

Q6. (a) pain
(b) release
(c) mitigation
(d) migration
(e) unpleasant

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S6. Ans.(c) Sol. mitigation- relief from pain and unpleasantness

Q7. (a) limited
(b) intended
(c) intensive
(d) extensive
(e) extended

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S7. Ans.(d) Sol. extensive- serving to extend or lengthen; widespread

Q8. (a) used
(b) craved
(c) inclined
(d) tried
(e) succumbed

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S8. Ans.(e) Sol. succumbed- yield to

Q9. (a) occurred
(b) presented
(c) emerged
(d) resided
(e) evolved

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S9. Ans.(a) Sol. occurred- happened

Q10. (a) proved
(b) revised
(c) moved
(d) pushed
(e) remained

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S10. Ans.(b) Sol. revised- to look at again

Directions (11-15): In each of the question given below a/an idiom/phrase is given in bold which is then followed by five options which then try to decipher its meaning. Choose the option which gives the correct meaning of the phrases. 

Q11. Bored to death
(a) too sick
(b) very bored
(c) died
(d) cheerful
(e) confused

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S11. Ans.(b) Sol. Death is the worst thing, so using it to compare how you feel is telling someone that you are very bored.
Example- "Would you rather be super busy or bored to death?"

Q12. Fender bender 
(a) blunder
(b) conincidence
(c) accident
(d) remark
(e) compliment

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S12. Ans.(c) Sol. "Fender" is the car body part that is right above the tire. "Bender" is derived from bend. Since the fender is a small part compared to the hood and door, and bend is not as bad as break or crack, combining these two indicates that the accident is very small. Like a small dent or scratch. Example- "I can’t believe the damage is going to cost me 800 bucks. It was just a fender bender."

Q13. Get foot in the door
(a) entry in an organisation
(b) tied to a situation
(c) stucked in a problem
(d) taking first step of a process
(e) to start improving

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S13. Ans.(d) Sol. Taking or passing the first step of a longer process; Generally used when referring to an entry level position that will eventually lead to better opportunities.
Example- "I'm doing an internship for SK Telecom. It's an opportunity to get my foot in the door."

Q14. Chicken 
(a) courageous
(b) irritating
(c) screaming
(d) afraid or scared
(e) shocked

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S14. Ans.(d) Sol. Chickens are very timid, afraid or scared of many things. It is common to use animals to express traits such as "sly as a fox" or "strong as a bear."
Example- "Everyone thinks I'm a chicken because I didn't go bungee jumping with them."

Q15. Go Dutch
(a) royal
(b) cashless
(c) superior
(d) healthy
(e) pay by oneself

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S15. Ans.(e) Sol. Each person paying for themselves. For example, going Dutch on a date is indicating both guy and girl will pay for themselves instead of one buying for the other.
Example- "I actually prefer going dutch because I don't want to feel indebt to anyone."

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