Important English Quiz for SBI PO Prelims exam: 2nd May 2018

Dear Aspirants,

Important English Quiz for SBI Clerk Prelims Exam: 29th April 2018

 This section can be easy as pie if your basics are clear. Sometimes, even those who can communicate very well in English, fail to perform to the best of their ability in the banking exams. So, instead of boiling the ocean, try building up a strong vocabulary, an effective knowledge of grammar, and efficient comprehension skills so as to be on the ball to face this particular section. Here is a quiz being provided by Adda247 to let you practice the best of latest pattern English Questions.

Directions (1-5): In each of the questions given below a sentence is given which is divided into 5 parts. It is then followed by 5 options which gives the sequence of the correct parts. Choose the option which gives the correct sequence of the grammatically correct parts.

Q1. Encroachments and industries have(A)/ cropped in(B)/ in the neighborhood(C)/ of the white(D)/ marble mausoleum(E).
(a) ABCD
(b) BCDE
(c) ACDE
(d) ABCE
(e) ABDE

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S1. Ans.(c) Sol. (ACDE); Since a phrase like 'cropped in' doesn't exist, thus i will get replaced by 'cropped up'. 
cropped up- occurred, especially suddenly or unexpectedly

Q2. It urged the government to(A)/ get help from international conservation experts(B)/, if required, to(C)/ restored the monument(D)/ to its pristine glory(E).
(a) ABCD
(b) BCDE
(c) ACDE
(d) ABCE
(e) ABDE

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S2. Ans.(d) Sol. (ABCE); 'to' is always followed by the first form of verb. Thus, 'restore' should be replaced by 'restored'.

Q3. Pulling an attached string(A)/ sets up a mild, chemical explosive(B)/, which ‘pops’ open the(C)/ case and releases a confetti of(D)/ colored paper and glitter(E).
(a) ABCD
(b) ACDE
(c) BCDE
(d) ABDE
(e) ABCE

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S3. Ans.(b) Sol. (ACDE); set off- to explode, let off set up- to ready something for use Hence, 'set up' should be replaced by 'set off'

Q4. It emitting(A)/ severe fine(B)/, plastic bits and(C)/ so could be(D)/ an air pollutant too(E).
(a) BCDE
(b) ABCD
(c) ACDE
(d) ABDE
(e) ABCE

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S4. Ans.(a) Sol. (BCDE); 'emits' is the correct alternative that should come in place of 'emitting'.

Q5. The regulator had recommending that(A)/ the onboard Internet traffic be routed(B)/ to a satellite gateway on Indian soil(C)/ as it provides an effective(D)/ mechanism for legal interception and monitoring(E).
(a) ACDE
(b) ABCD
(c) ABDE
(d) ABCE
(e) BCDE

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S5. Ans.(e) Sol. (BCDE); 'had' is always followed by the third form of verb .i.e. 'recommended'.

Directions (6-10): In each of the questions given below an incomplete sentence which must be filled/completed with one of the sentences given below .i.e. one of the sentences can be fit into the given blanks.  Choose the correct option and complete the given sentences.

Q6. Flyers on board an aircraft ................... and remain connected to the Internet while travelling through the Indian airspace in the next three to four months.
(a) will be able to order food
(b) will be dancing
(c) will get worried
(d) will be able to make calls
(e) will soon become aware

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S6. Ans.(d) Sol. 'will be able to make calls' as the context of the statement is talking about the service of Internet which will soon be provided to the passengers through which they will be able to make call while flying.

Q7. The public protests were triggered by the government’s decision to simultaneously ............... and reduce social welfare benefits and pensions.
(a) unite to protestors
(b) raise individual contributions
(c) coordinate with the politicians
(d) join hands with the laborers
(e) ignore the needs of public

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S7. Ans.(b) Sol. 'raise individual contributions' as the protest has been talked about in the sentence which has been made by the people against the decision of the government to raise contributions and to reduce the benefits being provided socially.

Q8. Most of their conversations .............., at informal events where they were accompanied only by translators.
(a) were cheerful
(b) were agitating
(c) were unstructured
(d) were sorrowful
(e) were helpless

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S8. Ans.(c) Sol. 'were unstructured' as the ending part of the sentence simply explains that they needed a translator to make the conversations clear which were obviously unstructured.

Q9. Most of the players in the men's ranks the .......... move.
(a) performing
(b) retained the
(c) have danced
(d) have taken a
(e) have welcomed

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S9. Ans.(e) Sol. 'have welcomed' as the move mentioned in the statement is an action. Thus, 'have welcomed' will be the correct alternative.

Q10. The reason is that players learn to take responsibility for their actions, because in all decisions which were taken, they were involved and that means .............
(a) they were supporting the plan
(b) they were reacting to the coach
(c) they were ignoring
(d) they are helpless
(e) they are neglecting

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S10. Ans.(a) Sol. 'they were supporting the plan' as the context of the passage simply defines that the players were involved in the decision and were supporting it.

Directions(11-15):In each of the following sentence, there are two blank spaces. Below each sentence, there are five options and each blank is to be filled with the same word given below to make the sentence correct. Fill up the sentences with the correct word.

Q11. (I) Under this misunderstanding he signed the ……… Dover treaty on the 31st of December 1670.
(II) He renounced the cross which its priests had signed on him with their chrism, their ……. baptisms and other magical rites.
(a) outward
(b) illegal
(c) shame
(d) sham
(e) absurd

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S11. Ans.(d) Sol. sham- to deceive absurd- contrary to reason or propriety

Q12. (I) The wildness and …………. that are in fishing still recommended it to me.
(II) But we dropped into this ………… rather unexpectedly.
(a) accident
(b) adventure
(c) incident
(d) experience
(e) pleasure

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S12. Ans.(b) Sol. adventure- a striking event

Q13.(I) If you ……….. racism, you can make a difference by fighting it.
(II) Out of fear of drowning, some children ……… the thought of swimming.
(a) abhor
(b) abate
(c) abject
(d) reject
(e) rescind

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S13. Ans.(a) Sol. abhor- to detest or dislike
abject- rejected
abate- to put an end to
rescind- to finish the law

Q14.(I) She denied that the government would essentially …………. human rights abuses.
(II) Paul does not necessarily ………….. participation in public prayer.
(a) revert
(b) exert
(c) accept
(d) conclude
(e) condone

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S14. Ans.(e) Sol. condone- to overlook

Q15.(I) It's my responsibility to monitor and ……… them in the mortal world, Rhyan said
(II) It may be politic or expedient to inflict pain upon a criminal in order either to effect an alteration in his character or to ……… him or others from future performance of acts of a certain character.
(a) desire
(b) defer
(c) deter
(d) distract
(e) delay

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S15. Ans.(c) Sol. deter- to prevent something from happening
defer- to delay or postpone

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