Numerical Ability Quiz for SBI Clerk Exam: 26th May 2018

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Numerical Ability Quiz for SBI Clerk Exam: 26th May 2018
Numerical Ability for SBI Clerk Prelims 2018

Today is the Day 35 of the SBI Clerk 60 Days Study PlanNumerical Ability Section has given heebie-jeebies to the aspirants when they appear for a banking examination. As the level of every other section is only getting complex and convoluted, there is no doubt that this section, too, makes your blood run cold. The questions asked in this section are calculative and very time-consuming. But once dealt with proper strategy, speed, and accuracy, this section can get you the maximum marks in the examination. Following is the Numerical Ability quiz to help you practice with the best of latest pattern questions.

Q1. In an election between two candidates ‘A’ and ‘B’, ‘A’ got 65% of total valid votes. If 20% of total votes were invalid, then valid votes obtained by winner is what percent more than valid vote obtained by looser.

Q2. In a class 30% of boys scored same marks as 40% of girls. If there are 80 boys in the class than find the total number of students in the class.
(a) 80
(b) 100
(c) 120
(d) 140
(e) 160

Q3. If the price of petrol increases by 25%, then by what percent consumption should be decreased so that expenditure remains same.
(a) 16%
(b) 25%
(c) 8%
(d) 12%
(e) 20%

Q4. The difference between two numbers is 350. If 16% of smaller number is equal to 9% of other number, then find the sum of these two numbers.
(a) 1000
(b) 1400
(c) 1250
(d) 800
(e) 1500

Q5. When 39 is subtracted from a number, it reduced by 40%. Find two fifth of that number.
(a) 26
(b) 24
(c) 36
(d) 30
(e) 40

Q6. Bhavya got 20% of maximum marks in an examination and failed by 30 marks. However, Satish who appeared in the same exam got 50% of maximum marks and got 15 marks more than the passing marks. Find the passing marks of the examination.
(a) 40
(b) 80
(c) 60
(d) 35
(e) 45

Q7. 40% of a=b, then 80% of b is same as 
(a) 4 % of a
(b) 16 % of a
(c) 40% of a
(d) 32 % of a
(e) 20 % of a

Q8. Price of a mobile was first increased by 40%, then decreased by 20% and then again increased by 50%. Find the final price of mobile is what percent more than its initial price?
(a) 45% 
(b) 68% 
(c) 50% 
(d) 75% 
(e) 72%

Q9. In a certain school, 20% of students are below 8 years of age. Number of students having age above 8 years is 2/3 of the number of students having 8 years of age which is 48. Find the total number of students in the school?
(a) 64
(b) 125
(c) 100
(d) 150
(e) 84

Q10. A fruit seller had some oranges. He sells 40% oranges and has 420 oranges remaining in his hand. Originally, he had:
(a) 668 oranges
(b) 700 oranges
(c) 458 oranges
(d) 770 oranges
(e) 800 oranges

Direction (11-15): What approximate value should come in place of question mark (?) in the following questions?


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