Sentence Improvement for SBI Clerk Prelims: 23rd May 2018

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Sentence Improvement for SBI Clerk Prelims: 23rd May 2018

Today is the Day 32 of the SBI Clerk 60 Days Study Plan. This section can be easy as pie if your basics are clear. Sometimes, even those who can communicate very well in English, fail to perform to the best of their ability in the banking exams. So, instead of boiling the ocean, try building up a strong vocabulary, an effective knowledge of grammar, and efficient comprehension skills so as to be on the ball to face this particular section. Here is a quiz on Sentence Connectors being provided by Adda247 to let you practice the best of latest pattern English Questions.

Direction (1-15): Which of the following phrases given below each sentence should replace the phrase printed in bold letters to make the sentence grammatically correct? Choose the best option among the five given alternatives that reflect the correct use of phrase in the context of the grammatically correct sentence. If the sentence is correct as it is, mark (e) i.e., “No correction required” as the answer.

Q1. The Central and State government authorities as well as the medical community have contributed the measures to contain the threat of a possible outbreak of the Nipah virus infection, which has so far claimed at least four lives in Kozhikode district.
(a) have revealed the necessary vaccinations
(b) have ignored the facts
(c) have stepped up efforts
(d) have never specified actions
(e) No Correction required

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S1. Ans.(c) Sol. ‘have stepped up efforts’ as the sentence is about the threat of a possible outbreak of Nipah Virus, necessary steps have been taken in relation to this.

Q2. Her body was not handed over to relatives for post-mortem and was cremated at the electric crematorium, West Hill, with the consent of the family.
(a) for probability of being neglected by them
(b) for possibility of being sent to the other mortuary
(c) for fear of being isolated
(d) for fear of viral infection
(e) No Correction required

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S2. Ans.(d) Sol. ‘for fear of viral infection’ as the body of the dead was kept away from the relatives and had not been handed over to them because of the fear of the viral infection.

Q3. He plans to focus on bringing together experts and cycling enthusiasts. To begin with, he would reach out to all the contestants and encourage their participation in the movement.
(a) persuade them to be firm
(b) report their action
(c) disapprove their application
(d) cancel their participation
(e) No Correction required

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S3. Ans.(e) Sol. No Correction Required

Q4. It was thanks to her writings that readers spread her novel chapters across various Telugu magazines.
(a) readers always censured
(b) readers never read
(c) readers awaited
(d) readers always explained
(e) No Correction required

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S4. Ans.(c) Sol. ‘readers awaited’ as the context reflects the positive tone of the statement, readers were always awaited for her new novel chapters.

Q5. It was the popularity of novels that disheartened for her film career, many weeklies rode on her fame to sell copies and that she could distinguish her writing style from her contemporaries like Latha, Santha Devi and Ranganayakamma helped.
(a) that paved way
(b) that blocked the opportunities
(c) that closed the doors
(d) that called
(e) No Correction required

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S5. Ans.(a) Sol. ‘that paved way’ as the popularity of the novels paved the way for her to enter into the film industry.

Q6. She said she left the fasting as it could affect “safety and productivity”, giving as an example bus drivers who have “neither had a drink nor eaten for more than 10 hours”.
(a) concluded the fasting
(b) feared the fasting
(c) saw the effects of fasting
(d) never considered fasting
(e) No Correction required

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S6. Ans.(b) Sol. ‘feared the fasting’ as the post effects of fasting has been talked about in the statement.

Q7. While building global IT giants may have more to do with an appetite for growing a business rather than anything else, Mr. X’s assessment of India’s education system is sharp.
(a) have nothing to do with
(b) have done many things to create
(c) have neglected
(d) have required
(e) No Correction required

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S7. Ans.(e) Sol. No Correction Required

Q8. That is, a people are truly creative when they are able to fantasize the challenges that their country faces.
(a) are in fear of facing
(b) are able to collectively surmount
(c) are neglecting
(d) are considering
(e) No Correction required

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S8. Ans.(b) Sol. ‘are able to collectively surmount’ is the only alternative that makes the sentence meaningful and could replace the bold part of the sentence.

Q9. There is abetment of a toxic productivity whereby our universities churn out youth with a poor grasp of the subject matter that they are supposed to reveal.
(a) they may grab
(b) they must not leave
(c) they are expected to know
(d) they see with a high profitability
(e) No Correction required

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S9. Ans.(c) Sol. ‘they are expected to know’ as the students are churn out with the poor grasp of the subject matter which they are supposed or expected to know.

Q10. The whole procedure created to a severe diminishing of credibility for one of the most crucial regulators of the country.
(a) whole process left to administer
(b) whole process has led
(c) whole action demands
(d) whole action remained to spread
(e) No Correction required

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S10. Ans.(b) Sol. ‘whole process has led’ as the process has led to the severe diminishing of the matter discussed in the statement.

Q11. Compulsory attendance, which contributes to the intelligence of learning, must be replaced by credit for classroom participation.
(a) is essential to improvise the IQ level
(b) goes against the spirit
(c) remains as a boredom
(d) proves to be a panacea
(e) No Correction required

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S11. Ans.(b) Sol. ‘goes against the spirit’ as the replacement has been talked about, it is obvious by the context that the replacement is of something bad with good. Thus, the mentioned alternative is corrected one.

Q12. However, it is important to see the process in perspective. Course evaluation is meant to instill in students both a sense of confidence that their view is being solicited and a sense of responsibility in wielding authority early on.
(a) is meant to poured on
(b) is meant to showered upon
(c) is meant to imbibed on
(d) is required to fill with
(e) No Correction required

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S12. Ans.(e) Sol. No Correction Required

Q13. A pincer movement of corporate interest and political pressure combined with regulatory overdrive have improvised the autonomy of the teacher.
(a) have carved out
(b) have demolished
(c) have cramped
(d) have thrown away
(e) No Correction required

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S13. Ans.(c) Sol. ‘have cramped’ as the negative tone of the statement calls for the replacement of the phrase with the negative option only.

Q14.  In addition to enhancing trade, connectivity can significantly improve people-to-people interaction leading to better understanding, greater tolerance and closer diplomatic relations in the region.
(a) can distract
(b) can obstruct the
(c) can imbalance the
(d) can create
(e) No Correction required

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S14. Ans.(e) Sol. No Correction Required

Q15.  While it may be unwise to read too much into a single case, the Bhushan Steel resolution is drastic step for banks because they typically manage to recover only about 25% of their money from defaulters.
(a) is nevertheless an encouraging sign
(b) is never proved to be vital
(c) has created a problem
(d) has released the tensions
(e) No Correction required

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S15. Ans.(a) Sol. ‘is nevertheless an encouraging sign’ as the amount recovered was only 25% of their money from defaulters.

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