Sentence Improvement for SBI Clerk Prelims: 10th May 2018

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Reading Comprehension for SBI Clerk Prelims Exam: 28th April 2018

Today is the Day 19  of the SBI Clerk 60 Days Study Plan. This section can be easy as pie if your basics are clear. Sometimes, even those who can communicate very well in English, fail to perform to the best of their ability in the banking exams. So, instead of boiling the ocean, try building up a strong vocabulary, an effective knowledge of grammar, and efficient comprehension skills so as to be on the ball to face this particular section. Here is a quiz on Sentence Improvement(Phrase replacement) being provided by Adda247 to let you practice the best of latest pattern English Questions.

Direction (1-15): Which of the following phrases given below each sentence should replace the phrase printed in bold letters to make the sentence meaningfully correct? Choose the best option among the five given alternatives that reflect the correct use of phrase in the context of the grammatically correct sentence. 

Q1. Hence, summarizing all these pundits, every Indian who was looking for a job was disappointed with multiple job offers.
(a) was shocked
(b) was threatened
(c) was besieged
(d) was helpless
(e) was exhausted

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S1. Ans.(c) Sol. 'was besieged' means was surrounded. This alternative suits the statement as every Indian who has been talked about in the passage is surrounded by the jobs.

Q2. Perhaps the only thing the government needs to do now is to set up youth counseling centers across the country to help India’s youth decide which of their many job offers they should call, and match their career aspirations.
(a) they should ignore
(b) they should choose
(c) they should ponder upon
(d) they must consider
(e) they need to grab

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S2. Ans.(b) Sol. 'they should choose' as the suggestion has been made in the context of the passage which government has to do now in order to help people in selection of their jobs.

Q3. The issue of jobs is a global issue that is emerging all major economies today, including the developed ones.
(a) that profits
(b) that should ignore
(c) that is challenged by
(d) that was facing
(e) that is confronting

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S3. Ans.(e) Sol. 'that is confronting' means that which is causing distress. Hence, the issue of jobs mentioned in the context is a global distressful one.

Q4. There will be no wondering if, almost by a magical act, the Academy will present before us a writer who many of us had not known, but will now be the richer for being pushed to difficulties, as it did most recently in 2014 when it awarded French novelist Patrick Modiano.
(a) being motivated to excel
(b) being noticed to reveal
(c) being ignored to condemn
(d) being nudged to read
(e) being exasperated to exhaust

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S4. Ans.(d) Sol. 'being nudged to read' means being pushed to notice as the writer who was earlier not known to the others will now gain the attention of the everyone.

Q5. He is an improver, and counsels that the mark of a good translator, as it is of an editor, is to be able to determine what needs fixing in order to establish the dignity of task and help it be the best it can be to achieve its purpose.
(a) to reduce the pressure of the work
(b) to maintain the integrity of the work
(c) to examine the level of the task
(d) to maintain the status of the work done
(e) to ignore the guidelines of the task

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S5. Ans.(b) Sol. 'to maintain the integrity of the work' as the person's quality has been talked about whose expertise helps in maintaining the integrity of the work.

Q6. In between notes engraved to books she’s recommended at a public library, presumably during her decade as a librarian in the American Midwest, there is one addressed to a rather fancy, over stylized personal library she stumbles upon at a party.
(a) extracted from the books
(b) hidden to books
(c) written to books
(d) encrypted to books
(e) erased from the books
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S6. Ans.(c) Sol. 'written to books' as the notes have been mentioned in the beginning part of the statement which is obviously written to books.

Q7. In contrast, most of us bookshelf flowers have far more self-control, and are usually excited to purchase at and politely browse through endless shelves, whether at a bookshop, a public library, an acquaintance’s home and even our own more modest collections.
(a) eager to stole
(b) content to stare
(c) excited to explore
(d) helpless to find
(e) satisfied to search

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S7. Ans.(b) Sol. 'content to stare' means feel satisfied to look at something. Here, book lovers are referred as the bookshelf flowers who are always in search of the new stuff to read.

Q8. Each reading experience is unique to its place and time, and cannot be copied In spite of my hopes, I know that no library can be fully resurrected.
(a) cannot be explained
(b) cannot be experienced again
(c) cannot be duplicated
(d) can be ignored
(e) can't be overlooked

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S8. Ans.(c) Sol. 'cannot be duplicated' as the uniqueness of the experience has been discussed.

Q9. One thing I think is fearful, though, to find a way to acknowledge the limits of what you can know, and to be honest about what it is you don’t know.
(a) is typical
(b) is critical
(c) is crucial
(d) is ignorant
(e) is tactful

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S9. Ans.(c) Sol. 'is crucial' means is very much important or essential.

Q10. It is especially interesting to note the difference between colonial and free India on the question of women being explained under their own names.
(a) being enrolled
(b) being pushed
(c) being exploited
(d) being used
(e) being harassed

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S10. Ans.(a) Sol. 'being enrolled' as the status of the women in the society has been talked about.

Q11. Together, they will test the capacity of cricket’s world powers to raise the level of the participants. 
(a) to duped the players
(b) to attract the audience
(c) to encourage the players
(d) to rise to the spirit of the game
(e) to work hard to determine the needs of the game

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S11. Ans.(d) Sol. 'to rise to the spirit of the game' as the testing of the game explains that the activity is performed to rise the spirit of the game.

Q12.  One of the army commanders came to see the team. He told me that it was the first time that both the Taliban side and our side were shooting, but not at each other.
(a) reject the team
(b) condemn the team
(c) motivate the team
(d) scold the team
(e) congratulate the team

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S12. Ans.(e) Sol. 'congratulate the team' is the only alternative that suits the positive tone of the statement.

Q13.  When the book is launched, it’s as if you had been rudely searched, and you desire only to regain integrity, to return to being the person you usually are, in occupations, in thoughts, in language, in relationships.
(a) the book is entitled
(b) the book is finished
(c) the book is hidden
(d) the book is stolen
(e) the book is published

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S13. Ans.(b) Sol. 'the book is finished' is the best suited alternative here.

Q14. But the resounding call  was for theory as the economic and political interests of both countries become increasingly, and variously, more global.
(a) was for plagiarism
(b) was for negotiation
(c) was for pragmatism
(d) was to ignore
(e) was to handle

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S14. Ans.(c) Sol. 'was for pragmatism' means was for practicality.

Q15. At times husbands and wives are fearful of entering in each other’s company, in case a marriage gone bad results in one partner spilling the beans on the other to the authorities.
(a) of speaking their minds
(b) of rejecting the thoughts
(c) of scolding each other
(d) of knowing the wishes
(e) of recruiting

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S15. Ans.(a) Sol. 'of speaking their minds' means to reveal the inner thoughts.

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