Winners Who Cared for Nothing but...GOALS

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Every individual on this earth, whether rich or poor, strong or weak, has to go through various ups and downs in his/her life. Everyone has to face various challenges in their lives. Some succumb to the atrocities in life and those who take up the challenges positively are the ones who become an inspiration for others. We all have certain capabilities in us and the only need is to realise them and work upon them. 

There are many inspirational tales depicting the courage and strength of many inidividuals who have converted their disabilities into strengths and have created motivational and inspirational vision for others in life. In this article, we share the story of a hero, or more appropriately a “shero”, a lady who is synonymous to courage and valor. She is the superwoman of India who defeated death and became the first Indian woman to win a Paralympics medal. She is none other than DEEPA MALIK. 

She was diagnosed with a spinal tumour in 1999 and she underwent 3 spinal surgeries and got 183 stitches between her shoulder blades in a period of 14 years. If you think that stopped her, you're grossly mistaken. That only made her stronger and more determined. Deepa was raised in an army family and married to an army officer. She was the mother of two daughters and was diagnosed with the tumour while her husband was fighting in the Kargil war . While her husband went on to win the war for India, she won her own battle as well. She was left paralysed from the waist down and the doctors told her that she would never walk again. But she decided not to give up and decided to become a swimmer, a biker, and an athlete. She never succumbed to her disabilities. And at the age of 36, she was just getting started.

In 2006, in spite of having seven broken vertebrae, she dared to pick up the javelin and from then began her quest for sports. Deepa resorted to shot put and in the 2010 Para Asian games, she won a Bronze medal. The 2012 London Paralympics were in her sights but due to the absence of a quota, she couldn't participate in the event. However, a woman who fought tumor was never going to give up due to some glitches in the system. Her perseverance paid off in the 2016 Rio Paralympics as she won a Silver medal in the women's shot-put F53 event. Deepa became the first woman to win a medal for India in the Paralympics. 

Deepa’s name has entered the Limca Book of Records 4 times. 

She completed the longest drive in India (3,278 kms from Chennai to Delhi) in 2013.
In 2011, she became the first paraplegic woman to drive to Khardunga La pass, the highest motorable pass in the world. 
She rode a special bike for 58 kms in 2009.
In 2008, she crossed a 1 km stretch of the Yamuna river against the current.
Her amazing achievements got her an Arjuna Award in 2012. She has also been conferred the prestigious Padma Shri award in 2017. She has won 58 national & 18 International medals across all disciplines till date. 

Her story from paralysis to becoming a Paralympian is an incredible story of courage and perseverance. She did not let her disabilities become her weakness. 

Her story is an inspiring one. If a woman sitting on a wheelchair can achieve such great things in life, then everyone can achieve their goals in life if and only if one has the zeal to do it.  


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