Winners Who Cared For Nothing But GOALS | Patricia Narayan

We all dream of a bright future. And once we are on the way to achieve our goals, we are all bound to encounter resistance in one or the other aspect of life, the difference is how accepting one is of their shortcomings. Dreaming of a brighter future is good but it’s also important to know that vital achievements are rarely accomplished immediately. Fight for your dreams. You must know what you want from life. There are people who fought through all the hurdles in their lives and turned their defeat into victories. One such example is Patricia Narayan who is the director of Sandeepha Chain of Restaurants based in Chennai who won “FICCI Woman Entrepreneur Award” (2010).

Patricia's belongs to a middle-class family, her father worked in the Posts and Telegraphs Department and her mother worked in the Telephones department. During her college, she went against her family to marry a boy who was 13 years elder to her and turned out to be a drug and alcohol addict later on. He earned no money and would beat up Patricia every day. Soon they were thrown out of the rented house for not being able to pay the rent and that is when her father then gave her, her husband and kids shelter in his house. This did not stop her husband from remaining sober all day long, earning nothing and beating her up in the night. As Patricia had kids to look after and she did not want to be a burden on her family so she decided to do something on her own. 

She started to make squashes, pickles and at her home itself and soon started to sell snacks juice, tea, and coffee on a cart. This continued only until the day when she indulged in an ugly fight with her husband and she took a random bus that terminated at the National Port Management training school. She took up the job of a caterer and to her surprise, her first weekly payment was Rs. 80,000 which, in no time, became Rs 1 lakh. She lost her daughter and son-in-law only one month after they got married in the year 2004. This broke her from within and then her son took the responsibility to open their first restaurant that was named after Patricia's loving daughter, Sandeepha in the year 2006. Now Patricia earns more than Rs. 2 lakhs per day through 14 of the outlets of her own restaurant and also employes more than 200 people. 

So students, a woman, who once sold samosas and drinks on a cart now owns so many luxury cars just because of the hard work and travail she continued to practice until she reached where she is today.  What we learn from her is that one should never lose confidence and keep struggling no matter what. Failures are a part of life. Do not let the failures dishearten you, there are many more opportunities yet to come. All that you need to do is to stick to your aim. Success can only be achieved if you do not stop moving forward. Aver to yourself that you will pull out all the stops with as much brio as you can muster so as to achieve your goal. It's is a continuous journey and all that you need to do is to maintain your consistency. Work hard and success will be wrapped around your little finger very soon. All the best!


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