Winners Who Cared for Nothing but...GOALS

Every individual on this earth, whether rich or poor, strong or weak, has to go through various ups and downs in his/her life. Everyone has to face various challenges in their lives. Some succumb to the atrocities in life and those who take up the challenges positively are the ones who become an inspiration for others. We all have certain capabilities in us and the only need is to realise them and work upon them.

There are many inspirational tales depicting the courage and strength of many inidividuals who have converted their disabilities into strengths and have created motivational and inspirational vision for others in life. 'Winners Who Cared for Nothing but...GOALS' is a series of articles where we share with you rags to riches stories of people who never stopped trying. This is the second article of the series and here we will share the story of a hero, or more appropriately a “shero”, a lady who is synonymous to perseverance and dedication. She is the one and only J.K. Rowling, the women behind the famous children's fantasy novel series Harry Potter. Her story is a complete rags to riches story. Her journey from being a struggler to one of the most wealthiest author was not an easy one. She went through failures, rejections, tragedies and much more before she achieved such great success in life. 

Born in the southwest of England, Rowling grew up along the border of England and Wales with her mother, father, and sister. she wrote her first book at the age of six about a Rabbit which was praised by her mother. Creating her book series wasn’t as easy job. It took years of perseverance and hard work to achieve the success that she has today. 

Soon after conceiving the idea for Harry Potter, Rowling began writing but was immediately pulled away from her work by the devastating death of her mother. She was traumatized by this tragedy and went into deep depression and grief. She then decided to go to Portugal and took up a job teaching English in Portugal.  In October 1992, she got married to a man named Jorge Arantes and gave birth to a daughter. But, to her dismay, the marriage did not last long and she was separated from her husband. She had no job, no family and two mouths to feed. She had a tough period and had to raise a child on her own. She knew that now she had nothing to loose and so she resumed her work of writing. She used to write in cafés when her baby was asleep. She felt solace in writing and spent most of her time writing the book. 

When she finished her writing, she sent her book from publisher to publisher but did not receive any positive replies. She always had rejections in her mailbox and she was starting to loose hope in her book. After many rejections, finally the editor at Bloomsbury read her manuscript. Her 8-year old daughter too sat down to read the thing and she loved the opening chapters. The editor agreed to publish her novel.

Once Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was published, her life totally changed. She became the bestselling authors of all time from an unemployed single mother. After so many rejections, she constantly strived for success. 

Her passion towards her work makes her work commendable. The Harry Potter series has earned over $400 million in book sales, and the last movie alone earned $476 million dollars in ticket sales... on opening weekend. She was the first female to become a billionaire author.  Her journey inspires us that hard work and perseverance always pays well but one should never stop trying. 

If you have a desire to achieve something and you always face failures, then never let those failures put you down. Don’t give up because you never know when time will change and you turn out to break records. 

Let failure never overtake you and keep your determination strong enough to succeed in life. 


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