Daily Vocab for Various Competitive Exams

Dear Aspirants,

Vocabulary is an important part of English that helps you deal with all kinds of questions in objective as well as descriptive papers of various exams. You can learn new words daily from our Daily Word List. Learn the words and make your own sentences on the basis of the given word list. Here are a few words and phrases from articles published in a reputed Newspaper.

1. Shrivel:(verb)=सूखना
Meaning: wrinkle and contract or cause to wrinkle and contract, especially due to loss of moisture.
Synonyms: dwindle, shrink, wilt, wither, burn, desiccate, parch
Antonyms: bloom, develop, enlarge, expand, grow
Usage: The leaves shrivel, the plant ceases to grow, and the grapes that are formed also shrivel and die.

2. Squander:(verb)=गंवाना
Meaning: waste (something, especially money or time) in a reckless and foolish manner.
Synonyms: blow, dissipate, fiddle away, fritter, lavish, lose, misspend, run through, spend, throw away, trifle, waste
Antonyms: conserve
Usage: Eddie has a tendency to squander his entire allowance on comic books and action figures.

3. Gullible:(adjective)=आसानी से धोखा खानेवाला
Meaning: easily persuaded to believe something; credulous.
Synonyms: easy, exploitable, naive (or naïve), susceptible, trusting, unwary, wide-eyed
Antonyms: critical, cynical, mistrustful, skeptical, suspicious, wary; sophisticated; clear-eyed, clear-sighted, hardheaded; shrewd, street-smart, streetwise
Usage: Gullible people tend to believe whatever they are told.

4. Detritus:(noun)=टुकड़े
Meaning: waste or debris of any kind.
Synonyms: ashes, debris, flotsam, remains, residue, rubble, ruins, wreck, wreckage
Antonyms: jetsam, leavings, remnant; chaff, deadwood, dross, dust, garbage, junk, litter, refuse, riffraff, rubbish, scrap, trash, waste
Usage: Dean finished dismantling the tree, cleaning up the remaining detritus of the holidays and packing away the delicate figures of a manger scene.

5. Emulate: (verb)=अनुकरण करना
Meaning: match or surpass (a person or achievement), typically by imitation.
Synonyms: imitate, mimic, compete, contend, outvie, compete
Antonyms: neglect
Usage: She is going to emulate her brother's strong work ethic in order to be successful.

6. Agile:(adjective)=फुर्तीला
Meaning: able to move quickly and easily.
Synonyms: buoyant, energetic, frisky, limber, lithe, lively, spirited, supple.
Antonyms: apathetic, depressed, dispirited, inactive, ignorant, lethargic, sluggish.
Usage: They all present, which must be of assistance to the animal in steadying it in its agile bounds among the crags of its native haunts.

7. Contrite: (adjective)=पश्चातापी
Meaning: feeling or expressing remorse at the recognition that one has done wrong.
Synonyms: apologetic, compunctious, penitent, regretful, remorseful, repentant, rueful, sorry
Antonyms: impenitent, remorseless, unapologetic, unrepentant
Usage: Because he wasn’t contrite, the judge sentenced the unremorseful man to the maximum number of years

8. Sedate: (adjective)=शांत
Meaning: calm, dignified, and unhurried.
Synonyms: calm, collected, composed, cool, coolheaded, equal, level, limpid, peaceful, placid, possessed, recollected, self-composed, self-possessed, serene, smooth, tranquil
Antonyms: agitated, discomposed, disturbed, flustered, perturbed, unglued, unhinged, unstrung, upset
Usage: Dean stepped back further, the smile fading from his face as the two men drove away at a very sedate pace.

9. Succour:(noun)=संकट सहायता
Meaning: assistance and support in times of hardship and distress.
Synonyms: aid, help, assistance, comfort, ease, relief, support, guidance
Usage: Even though Holly is painfully shy, she is never hesitant to offer succor to anyone who is in pain.

10. Muddle: (verb)=अव्यवस्था
Meaning: bring into a disordered or confusing state.
Synonyms: botch, clutter, complication, confusion, daze, dilemma, disarray
Antonyms: calm, clarity, contentment, harmony, orderliness
Usage: Nevertheless, he muddled through the mire in a surprisingly good frame of mind

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