Lack of Direction, Not lack of time, is the Problem. We all have 24 hour days.

FOCUS – A small word but can do unexpectedly big things. It can MAKE or BREAK your success. Many a times in life, we tend to loose our focus. We try our best but are not able to stop our mind from wandering off. Sometimes, even after giving our best, we are not able to resist our mind from engaging into exciting thoughts or daydreams. We tend to loose our focus and as a result do nor perform the task at hand well. It is not an easy task to establish a good mental focus and this is a big hurdle between us and success. 

To succeed in life, it requires hard-work, determination, perseverance and what not, but FOCUS is the thing that if lost then nothing can work for us. Even the most amibitious one’s cannot neglect the fact that it is the most difficult task to retain focus when one is getting bored and the one who can establish focus at that point also, will be the one’s to taste success in their future. To improve one’s focus and concentration is not an easy task. The need is to develop interest in what we are doing. If we cannot develop interest in what we do, we cannot establish focus. 

We all have heard tales of various successful people, and the one asset they had is similar to what each one of us have and that is TWENTY-FOUR hour days. They built their heavens in these 24 Hours and none of us lack in these twenty-four hours time. It is the lack of direction and focus that makes us different from these. It was difficult for them too to establish a good mental focus, but they overcame those and now have spread their names throughout the world. 

You need to choose a direction and stay focused to achieve it, no matter what the circumstances be. It requires to be stubborn to achieve something in life. You need to compromise at things and instead of daydreaming about the future events, focus on the work at hand.

Now, as the SBI Prelims Exams of PO and Clerk are over, you all should start preparations for the mains examination. Each and everyone will have the same time from now to the exams. Its upto you how you utilize this time and make benefit out of it. 

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