Last Minute Tips for Bank of Baroda PO Exam: Check Tips and Tricks

Bank of Baroda PO Examination is scheduled to be held on 28th of July. As it is going to be the Examination for the post of PO, you all must be very anxious about your performance. Bringing it off in this examination will determine your final selection as a Probationary Officer in a public sector Bank. So, all that you need to do few days before the examination is a proficient revision and efficient management of the stress level that you all might be going through because of the examination.  Your best bet would be to be to make the best use of your knowledge and you can only do that if you are unladen.  A little amount of stress is healthy and necessary too for your exam. So students, here are a few revision tips for all those who are going to appear in Bank of Baroda PO Examination.

Go for the examination with a proper plan so that you aren’t barking the wrong trees while attempting the examination. Know what subjects you are good at and where you lag. Attempt the very section first that you are good at and weakest subject in the end. Doing this will ensure that much of the time is not wasted on solving the questions that are difficult to you and in the end, you don’t fail to attempt the section that could get you a higher overall score. Do not stick to a single question if you are not able to solve it. Move forward with the questions that you are able to solve easily, without wasting much of your time on them.

  • Reasoning Ability and Computer Aptitude Section: This section can be attempted with good accuracy if one has practiced a good number of questions. This section consists of the maximum marks and you have to attempt maximum number of questions from this section. This can help you score well. There are 50 questions of total 75 marks, which means you can score well enough in this section to sail through your exam. Make this section your strength in the exam. 
  • English Language Section: English section requires careful attention. Attempt the questions in which you are sure. Avoid making guesses. 
  • Quantitative Aptitude Section: Attempt those questions first in which you are good at and the move towards the tougher ones. You have to select your questions carefully. There are 40 questions of 50 marks so you can attain a good score in this section. 
  • General/Economy/Banking Awareness Section: This section has a great importance of its own. It becomes the game changer. If you are able to attempt this section with good accuracy, then your chances of selection will increase manifold. 

It’s high time to revise all the topics that you need to be tremendous at. Sort the important topics into a checklist and settle on how each and every point is to be revised before appearing for the examination. Most importantly, revise all the current affairs.

Did you know that what you eat and drink can affect your exam performance? Yes, food that you eat before exam too can affect your scores. Healthy pre-exam nutrition will give you an added edge during exam time, and in fact, it can. Your brain needs the energy from food to work efficiently, so do not skip the meal before going for the examination. Avoid brain blocking foods such as foods made of white flour: cookies, cakes, and muffins, which require added time and energy to digest. Also avoid foods that are high in refined sugar, such as chocolates, desserts, and candies. Make sure you drink enough water before and during your exam. Tea also works, though without a lot of sugar. Dehydration can make you lose your concentration, feel faint, and sap your energy.

Take a nap before the exam as it improves memory recall and the ability to concentrate. Do not pull an all-nighter before the day of examination. If you wouldn’t sleep for the whole night, you likely won’t remember much of what you studied anyway. To make the best use of your knowledge, you should try to get at least 8 hours of sleep before the exam especially when it is going to be Bank of Baroda PO Examination.

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