Quantitative Aptitude for SBI PO Prelims: 6th July 2018

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Quantitative Aptitude Quiz for SBI PO Prelims: 6th July 2018

Quantitative Aptitude For SBI PO Exam 2018 (Week-08)

Quantitative Aptitude Section has given heebie-jeebies to the aspirants when they appear for a banking examination. As the level of every other section is only getting complex and convoluted, there is no doubt that this section, too, makes your blood run cold. The questions asked in this section are calculative and very time-consuming. But once dealt with proper strategy, speed, and accuracy, this section can get you the maximum marks in the examination. Following is the Quantitative Aptitude quiz to help you practice with the best of latest pattern questions.

Following the study plan for SBI PO Preliminary Examination 2018, the eighth week starts with practice questions on Miscellaneous Questions Set. To ensure proper preparation of the section we advise you to go through all the questions sincerely and try to attempt each one of them. Afterward, match your solutions and the approach with the one that would be provided later. Practice more and more questions on the same section to enhance your grip over the topics. Following is the Quantitative Aptitude quiz to help you practice with the best of latest pattern questions.

Directions (1-5): What should come in place of question mark (?) in the following number series?
Q1. 561, 642, 763, 932, 1157, ?
(a) 1446
(b) 1326
(c) 1482
(d) 1246
(e) 1426

Q2. 1524, 1443, 1394, ?, 1360, 1359
(a) 1303
(b) 1218
(c) 1359
(d) 1369
(e) 1569

Q3. 8, 24, 49, 85, 134, ?
(a) 189
(b) 176
(c) 198
(d) 201
(e) 321

Q4. 3, 10, 15, 26, 35, ?
(a) 63
(b) 50
(c) 60
(d) 54
(e) 80

Q5. 1543, 1440, 1337, ?, 1131
(a) 1233
(b) 1234
(c) 1235
(d) 1238
(e) 1433

Q6. An alloy contains only zinc and copper. One such alloy weighing 15 gm contains zinc and copper in the ratio of 2 : 3 by weight. If 10 gm of zinc is added then find what amount of copper has to be removed from the alloy such that the final alloy has zinc and copper in the ratio of 4 : 1 by weight?
(a) 5 gm
(b) 5.5 gm
(c) 6 gm
(d) 4.8 gm
(e) 7.5 gm

Q7. A solution of sugar syrup has 15% sugar. Another solution has 5% sugar. How many litres of the second solution must be added to 20 litres of the first solution to make a solution of 10% sugar?
(a) 10
(b) 5
(c) 15
(d) 20
(e) 40

Q8. Find the compound interest on Rs 80000 for 3 years if the rate of interest is 5% for the first year, 4% for the second year and 5% for the third year.
(a) Rs 17128
(b) Rs 11728
(c) Rs 11278
(d) Rs 11738
(e) None of these

Q9. Shekhar works as a central contractor for CPWD and supplies bitumen mix for road construction. He has two varieties of bitumen, one at Rs. 42 per kg and the other at Rs. 25 per kg respectively. How many kg of first variety must Shekhar mix with 25 kg of second variety, so that he may, on selling the mixture at Rs. 40 per kg, gain 25% on the outlay? 
(a) 30
(b) 20
(c) 25
(d) 15
(e) 17.5

Directions (Q.11-15): What should come in place of question mark (?) in the following question? 

Q13. 36.5% of 140 ÷ 12.5% of 80 =?
(a) 6.12
(b) 4.71
(c) 5.11
(d) 5.91
(e) 8.11

Q15. 3.5% of 40 + 3.5% of 80 =? % of 10
(a) 49
(b) 56
(c) 64
(d) 66
(e) 42


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