The Game is not over until you WIN (Success Story of Raj Nitin Ved)

Hi, I am Raj Nitin Ved from Maharashtra and I have done of commerce in banking and insurance) and now I am selected as:
IBPS RRB Clerk(Vidarbha Konkan Gramin Bank) and 
IBPS Clerk (Union Bank Of India)

Here is my journey from 2015 to 2018

I always used to read success stories on bankers Adda & hoped to write mine one day. Today is the day I am writing my success story.

This is going to be long, so please bear with me.

I completed my graduation in 2015 & started preparing for competitive exams. I was also doing a job at that time. Back then I did not have any idea about these exams. Slowly & steadily I got some knowledge about these exams. I started giving various exams without any success. Many a time I used to think that will I be able to clear any exam or not. My Family & Friends started getting concerned for me. But they always supported me through these phases. I always had self-belief in me so I kept going. However, preparing for exams & simultaneously working was something I could not handle. So I decided to leave my job & start preparing for exams full time. After giving various exams, my performance was improving but still, I was not up to the mark. I started following bankers Adda daily for my preparation. I started giving daily quizzes from bankers Adda. After giving exams for almost 1.5 years, I did not clear any of the exams. These phases were very heartbreaking. But still, I had something in me that I kept going. Finally, almost 2 years of preparation became fruitful. I cleared IBPS RRB Clerk & IBPS Clerk Exams.

Exams are given till now

1) SSC CHSL 2015
Tier 1- Could not clear

2) Employees State Insurance Corporation 2016 (Upper Division Clerk)
Tier 1- Could not clear

3) SSC CGL 2016
Tier 1- Could not clear

4) India post payment bank  2016 (Scale 1 Officer)
Prelims- Could not clear

5) SBI Clerk 2016
Prelims- 51.25/100, UR Cutoff- 51.5, failed by 0.25 margin.

6) SBI PO 2016
Prelims- 34/100, UR Cutoff- 47.5

7) RBI Assistant 2016
Prelims- Could not clear

8) IBPS RRB PO 2016
Prelims- 41.5/80, UR Cutoff- 51.25

9 IBPS RRB Clerk 2016
Prelims-54.75/80, UR Cutoff- 66.5

10) IBPS PO 2016
Prelims- 43.5/100, UR Cutoff- 47.5

11) IBPS Clerk 2016
Prelims- 62.75/100, UR Cutoff- 59.25
Mains-  58.44/200, UR Cutoff- 70.94

12) Karur Vysya Bank 2017 (Clerk)
Single Exam- Cleared
Interview- Did not clear

13) IDBI Exam 2017 (Executive)
Single Exam- Did not clear

14) SSC CHSL 2017
Tier 1- Did not clear

15) Shamrao Vitthal Co-operative Bank Ltd. 2017 (Customer Service Representative)
Single Exam- Cleared
Interview- Cleared, Did not Join

16) New India Assurance Company Ltd. 2017 (Assistant)
Prelims- Cleared
Mains- Did not clear

17) SBI PO 2017
Prelims- 52.5/100, UR Cutoff- 51.5
Mains- 28/200, UR Cutoff- 50

18) National Insurance Company Ltd. 2017 (Administrative Officer)
Prelims- Did not clear

19) RBI Grade B 2017
Prelims- 52.25/200, UR Cutoff- 78

20) IBPS RRB PO 2017
Prelims- 45.5/80, UR Cutoff- 46.25

21) United India Insurance Company Ltd. 2017 (Assistant)
Prelims- 75.25/100, Cleared
Mains- Did not clear

22) Agriculture Insurance Company of India Ltd. 2017 (scale 1 Officer)
Singe Exam- Did not Clear

23) Oriental Insurance Company Ltd. 2017 (Scale 1 Officer)
Prelims- Did not clear

24) LIC Housing Finance Ltd.
Single Exam- Did not clear

25) Intelligence Bureau ACIO 2017 (Scale 2 Officer)
Tier 1- Did not clear

26) RBI Assistant 2017
Prelims- 80.25/100, Cleared
Mains- 99.25/200, Did not clear

27) IBPS PO 2017
Prelims- 39/100, UR Cutoff- 42.75

28) IBPS Clerk 2017
Prelims- 81.75/100, UR Cutoff- 64.5
Mains- 110.61/200, UR Cutoff- 91.9
Allotted Union Bank Of India

29) IBPS RRB Clerk 2017
Prelims- 70.5/80, UR Cutoff- 56.75
Mains- 119.75/200, UR Cutoff- 118.64
Allotted Vidarbha Konkan Gramin Bank

Make your own strategies as per your strengths & Weaknesses. Every student is different from each other & everyone has their own strategies to clear the exams.

After giving so many exams, I cleared these two exams. The feeling you get when you clear the exam is just incredible. The one thing that I want to say to all the students who are preparing for these exams is just kept going no matter what & believe in yourself, you will achieve all your dreams. Always be optimistic for your future & always give your 100% in whatever thing you are doing no matter what. Your success can be delayed but will never be denied if you never give up.

All the best to all aspirants for your future.


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