24 Lakh Vacancies | It Cannot Be Bigger Than This

Dear students, amid all the rumors that our country is going to face a huge job crisis, a report published in the Times of India suggests that there are around 24 lakh posts that are lying vacant in various public sector departments. As per the report, the greatest number of vacancies are there in the teaching department of elementary and secondary schools followed by the police department of the country. The other departments with vacant posts are Railways, Armed Forces, Health centers, Postal Department, Courts, etc. The notifications for the posts lying vacant in these government-owned departments are likely to be released in this very financial year. 

So, this news comes as a bliss to the lakhs of government job aspirants who hoped not to see many vacancies in the government sector this year. There are around 10.1 lakh vacancies in the Teaching Department, 5.4 lakh vacancies in the Police department and 2.4 lakh vacancies in the Railways department of the country. Rest of the departments, too, have similar figures for the vacant posts that are expected to be filled in this financial year. Adda247 is thankful to the Times of India for conducting this analysis and coming out with such a great news for our students.

And students now that you have a fair idea of the number of vacancies in these government-owned departments, it's high time to start to get yourself ready for these competitive exams. Successful aspirants are always advised to make hay while the sun shines. Start preparing for it with sheer determination. Whenever you feel demotivated, dream about the sybaritic life lying ahead of your success, it will definitely motivate you and let you work hard with full allegiance and devotion. Do bear it in mind that you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs. So, keep working hard and things will come up roses in the end.


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