Takeaways from the SBI PO Mains 2018 Exam

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Today was the SBI PO Mains 2018 exam, one of the most important recruitment exam in the banking sector and on bankersadda.com and Adda247 we have covered the detailed exam analysis of today's exam. So if you are a banking aspirant and you are aiming to become a banker in 2018, you must go through the detailed exam review and keep on reading this article to understand the changes introduces in questions of various sections- Data Interpretation and Analysis, English Language, Reasoning and Computer Aptitude, General Awareness and Descriptive Writing test of English Language.

The level of SBI PO Mains 2018 was a bit on the difficult side, where candidates had to put up a tough fight to score in English Language and Reasoning Ability. If you have your SBI Clerk Mains 2018 exam scheduled tomorrow, then it is quite possible that you might see a similar pattern in tomorrow's exam as well.

To understand the changes seen in this year's SBI PO Mains exam lets begin with analysing the most difficult section- English Language. This section packed a punch for all with twisted and new pattern based question. Amon two reading comprehension, one was based on a totally new pattern which you might also see in other upcoming examinations. According to the review given by the candidates who appeared for today's exam: the second reading comprehension was entirely based on a new pattern. 5-6 paragraphs were given marked as Statement A, Statement B  and so on..and below the statement marked as bold, its explanation was given. There were 9 questions in this passage set and those questions were based on identifying grammatically correct phrases, considered as phrase replacement.

A new pattern of cloze test was introduced where a passage was given with 5 blanks and a phrase had to be filled in those blanks. In questions of that cloze test, a phrase was given and candidate had to identify that the given phrase will belong to which blank 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5

Good attempts for English Section of SBI PO Mains are 16-19 with accuracy.

TIP: Read the directions very carefully to understand what the question says and to identify the correct approach. 

Reasoning Ability section was also of a Difficult to Moderate level (with no questions of Computer Aptitude), where there were 6 sets of puzzles and seating arrangement among which 2-3 were doable. The section had a total of 45 questions among which a majority of the portion was covered by questions of puzzles and seating arrangement and logical reasoning which included topics like statement and assumption, passage inference and questions based on conclusions. It is quite possible that you can expect a similar scenario in SBI Clerk Mains exam as well. This mains exam clearly has set up a new bar in banking examinations, even the direction sense questions had to be decoded first and then solved. The good attempts for reasoning in SBI PO Mains 2018 were - 13 to 17 with accuracy.

TIP: Choose wisely which puzzle or seating arrangement you'll attempt. Identify the miscellaneous part questions and try to score them.

Talking about Data Interpretation and Analysis section, this was moderate and much doable when compared with English and Reasoning sections. If the other two sections in the examination are of the difficulty level then clearly candidates had to try to score in quantitative aptitude to bag maximum marks as much they can. There were no changes or no new patterns of questions were introduced. As the name of the section suggests, " Data Interpretation and Analysis" a major portion of questions were covered by different sets of DI- Caselet (2), Tabular Missing, Bar Graph (2). Apart from this, there were questions of Inequality (Quantity-based) and Data Sufficiency. The good attempts for this section were 18-22.

TIP: Maintain your accuracy and concentration.

 A major portion of the General Awareness section was of Current Affairs of June and July. You can check out the GA Questions asked in SBI PO Mains: Click Here.

Bankersadda and the Adda247 Family wish you all the best for tomorrow's SBI Clerk Mains Examination. Stay Calm and Confident and choose wisely what to attempt and what to skip in the test.


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