Important Topics For English Language Section Of IBPS PO 2018

IBPS PO Examination is scheduled to be held in the month of October. The three important sections asked in this preliminary examination are English Language, Reasoning Ability, and Quantitative Aptitude. Talking about English Section, earlier, students used to have a mindset of doing with the English section within 10-15 minutes and thereby solving the questions of the Quantitative Aptitude or the Reasoning Ability Section that are comparatively complex and time-consuming. But, to their dismay, this strategy won't be working anymore as 20 minutes out of the total 60 minutes have to be given solely to English Section as per the IBPS Notification. In the English Section, you have got enough of the time to solve the questions efficiently, i.e., 20 minutes for 30 questions. So, you can score fairly well in this section if you have prepared it well. Here are the important topics for the English Language Section of IBPS PO 2018 Exam.

Reading Comprehension:

The topics of RC may be based on banking, finance, and economy. It is a significant topic as the number of expected questions is 15. Reading Comprehension is generally easy when compared to other questions asked in the English Language Section. The important point here is that it is lengthy and this is the reason why it should be attempted in the end.

Spotting Errors/Sentence Errors/Improvements: 

The number of questions asked on this topic is also 5. You need to pay special attention while doing questions based on errors as the errors that are very minute may go unnoticed and the candidate can mark the option 'No error' or 'No correction required.'  So, be careful while you attempt these questions based on errors.

Para Jumbles: 

You may get to see a total of 5 questions based on para jumble.  The good thing about para jumbles is that you can manage to do the questions even if you are weak in English because it doesn't test your grammar or vocabulary. You just need to find the connection between two parts and mark the correct option.


This topic is also very important as the number of questions that can be asked on it is 5. It doesn't consume much of your time. It is one of the topics that you should start doing English Section with.

Cloze test:

This is also a very important topic for English Section. The number of expected questions on this topic is 5. This is also a scoring topic if you prepare it well.