Quantitative Aptitude for IBPS RRB PO and Clerk Mains: 21st September 2018

Dear Students,
Numerical Ability or Quantitative Aptitude Section has given heebie-jeebies to the aspirants when they appear for a banking examination. As the level of every other section is only getting complex and convoluted, there is no doubt that this section, too, makes your blood run cold. The questions asked in this section are calculative and very time-consuming. But once dealt with proper strategy, speed, and accuracy, this section can get you the maximum marks in the examination. Following is the Quantitative Aptitude quiz to help you practice with the best of latest pattern questions.

Q1. In a shopping mall marked price of a t - shirt is  100/3% less than marked price of a shirt. There are two discounts schemes P & Q. In Scheme P, if someone buy one shirt and one t - shirt together, then store gives overall discount of 35%, while in scheme Q if someone buy one t -shirt and one shirt separately, store gives 20% discount on t - shirt and 25% on shirt. If difference between selling price of one shirt and one t –shirt together in scheme P and Q is Rs. 384 then find cost price of one t - shirt & one shirt, given that store made a profit of  100/3% on t - shirt and profit of 25% on shirt, when it sold one shirt and one t -shirt in scheme Q? 
(a) 720 Rs, 1150 Rs
(b) 768 Rs. 1152 Rs.
(c) 786 Rs. 1168 Rs.
(d) 796 Rs. 1144 Rs.
(e) 790 Rs. 1108 Rs.

Q2.  Two bags contain 4 and 16 flags respectively. Two flags in the first bag and four in the second bag are red. If a bag is chosen randomly and two flags are drawn at random from it, what is the probability that at least one flag is red?
(a) 11/20
(b) 43/120
(c) 77/120
(d) 9/20
(e) 7/23

Q3.  Average of three amounts is Rs.460 and they are in the ratio of 6 : 8 : 9. If we increase the first by 20% and decrease the second by 10% then to get the average increased by 5% third amount will be increased by ?  
(a) 12/5%
(b) 25/3%
(c) 7%
(d) 7 1/3%
(e) 8%

Q4. A man swims with the direction of the current from point X to Y and then returns against the current and stop at point Z. Distance between Y and Z is 75% of distance between X and Y and man takes 9 hours to cover total distance. If distance between X to Y is 40 Km and Speed of current is 2 km/hr, then find speed of man in still water?  
(a) 6 km/hr
(b)  8 km/hr
(c) 4 km/hr
(d)  9 km/hr
(e) 10 km/hr

Q5. Three students Akash, Virendra and Sagar got Rs. P, Rs. (P+2400) and Rs. (P+4400) as their scholarship. Akash and Virendra deposited their half of scholarship on CI at the rate of 10% and 20% respectively for two years in two different schemes. Sagar deposited 60% of his scholarship on simple interest at the rate of 15% p.a. for three years in another scheme. If Sagar got Rs. 132 more as interest got by Akash and Virendra together, then find the scholarship got by Sagar? 
(a) 12000 Rs.
(b) 10000 Rs.
(c) 14400 Rs.
(d) 14000 Rs.
(e) 18000 Rs.

Directions (6-10): Given below pie chart (I) shows percentage distribution of total filled quantity of alcohol in seven buckets. Line graph shows time (minutes) taken by seven taps P, Q, R, S, T, U and V in filling buckets A, B, C, D, E, F and G respectively. Give the answer of the question according to given data: 

Q6. A man has a tank which has quantity of alcohol equal to the quantity of alcohol in A and E together. He opened tap Q and S together for filling his tank. After ‘n’ minutes man closed both taps and opened taps R and T for filling remaining tank. If tank filled in next (n + 15) minutes then find how many liter of alcohol filled by Q and S together? 
(a) 160 li
(b)180 li
(c)150 li
(d)120 li
(e)144 li

Q7. For filling bucket D, man opened tap S which fills the tank with 20% more efficiently. After X minutes man close the tap S and opened tap R and V together. Tap R fills the bucket with 25% more efficiency. If tap R and V fills remaining bucket in 15 minutes then find the value of X ?  
(a)12 minutes
(b)10 minutes
(c)15 minutes
(d) 8 minutes
(e) 18 minutes

Q10.  A man has a tank of 570 liter. Man opened three taps Q, S and R together for filling the tank, but tap R fills the tank at 175% of its initial Efficiency. There is a leak at a height of 2/3 from the bottom of tank, which empty the tank with half of the efficiency of what Q, S and R filling the tank. Man noticed the leak after 32 minutes and closed all taps and leak. Find how many more liters of alcohol can be filled in that tank? 
(a) 90l
(b) 76l
(c) 78l
(d) 85l
(e) 96l

Directions (11-15): What will come in place of (?) in the following number series?
Q11. 23, 29, 17, 35, ?,  41
(a) 13
(b) 11
(c) 12
(d) 18
(e) 21

Q12. 6, 10, 17, 28.5,  46.75,  ?
(a) 77.125
(b) 76.125
(c) 75.125
(d) 75.25
(e) 72.75

Q13. 670, 894, 1150, 1438,  ?
(a) 1758
(b) 1594
(c) 1930
(d) 1290
(e) 1225

Q14. 3, 5, 19, 101,  ?,  6445
(a) 710
(c) 714
(d) 715
(e) 725

Q15. 7, 8, 16, 12, 41, 28,  ?
(a) 90
(b) 85
(c) 92
(d) 86
(e) 84