Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard says Sri Lalitha | SBI PO 2018

Hello everyone. I am Sri Lalitha and here is my success story - from B.Tech Metallurgy to SBI PO.

I belong to Kakinada of Andhra Pradesh. I am a graduate in Metallurgical Engineering from JNTU Kakinada. Soon after my graduation in 2016, I joined a bank coaching institute in my hometown. In July 2017, I joined as a Content Associate for Aptitude and Reasoning for a Website. Working for aptitude and reasoning has helped me a lot in my preparation. I am very much thankful to the management of my company especially my team leader for his kind nature and the support he has given me.

My journey with Bankers Adda:

After joining here, I couldn't go to my institute for practice tests. There came to my rescue - Bankers Adda. It has helped me a lot by giving daily sectional tests and daily GK update for free. Not only me but also lakhs of banking aspirants are being benefitted through this website. The interface of the mobile application is user-friendly and easily adaptable.

After working in the office for 8 hours, I used to study at home in the night. I used to do sectional tests almost every day. I am good at the English language. To be frank, I used to score the highest marks in my institute most of the times. The same has helped me in getting selected as SBI PO.

I used to neglect reading current affairs on a daily basis. I request you all not to do this mistake in your preparation. Read GK Update from Adda247 on a daily basis. Be thorough with Static GK. Learn all the important concepts of banking awareness. You can use Adda's banking awareness capsule for Banking awareness.

All about my Interview Experience:

It was scheduled on 9th October 2018. I was supposed to be reporting at 12:30 PM. I reported 1 hour before the scheduled time.

Document verification:
In the document verification, I missed producing NOC ( I have been working as a content writer for 17 months). They asked me to submit it after my selection. Rest all went smoothly. We were given coupons for lunch.

Group discussion:
Soon after lunch, we were asked to move to the group discussion room. One of the members of the group is absent. So we were only 10. Two people have come to conduct the group discussion and group exercise. Both of them elaborately narrated all the instructions that are to be followed.

The topic for GD is: Is technology creating income disparities?

We were given time to jot down a few points. The GD went quite well. I was initially nervous as that was the first time I have ever participated in a GD. It was initially announced that no extra marks will be given for taking the initiative in the discussion. So there's no rush. Everyone came up with 2–3 points. I made up my mind to speak whenever I get a chance. In the end, I was satisfied with my performance.

Group exercise:

Once the GD is over, immediately the group exercise started. We were asked to rank the steps that are to be taken for Poverty eradication. We were able to give the rank 1 easily. But we couldn't come to any conclusion about the rank 2 within the stipulated time.

The interview:

Fortunately, all the panel members of the interview welcomed me with smiling faces. The following were the interview  questions:
  • Why did you want to join a bank after doing B.Tech in metallurgy?
  • Why do you want to leave your current job?
  • How did you manage when both your parents are working?
  • Questions related to my hobbies. I mentioned Cooking, Jewellery making, poetry writing as my hobbies).
  • Why didn't you take the jewelry making as a full-time business?
  • Why are you using band? ( I was wearing MI band HRX).
  • Remaining all are general questions.
  • Overall it went quite well I should say. Because I have appeared for IBPS PO interview in February. It's still a nightmare to me. All the questions were related to my subjects in graduation. Not even a single question has been asked related to banking. 
I'm delighted to see my number in the selected candidates' list. Some appreciated me. Some started listing down the cons of being a banker, especially in SBI. I strongly believe that struggle and growth go hand-in-hand.

This is it.

I am highly indebted to all the above channels and all my sources of inspiration for my success which includes my family members and friends. Lastly, I would like to say one thing. If talent doesn't work hard, hard-work beats talent. Though you are talented, you have to work hard and do a lot of practice. Even if you are not so talented, you can win by working hard.

Waiting for the joining date to be announced. Currently, I am working as a Content Writer in the same company. I wish all the best to future aspirants of bank jobs. If you wish to ask any questions, message me on Quora. My Profile stands with the name Sri Lalitha.

Thanks, Sri Lalitha for sharing your Success Story with us. Adda247 wishes you a good luck for the bright future ahead.

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