Adda247 Is Now On Pinterest | Pin All The Important Updates On Your Pinboards

Adda247 has borne itself out as the best educational platform by demonstrating its extensive engrossment in upskilling the government job aspirants all across the country through online as well as offline education. Also, we make every possible effort to reach out to the aspirants and provide them with the copious elucidatory study material germane to the current pattern of government job exams.

In this effort, we made our presence stronger on all the social media platforms like Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and now we are available on Pinterest as well. You will find Pins by Adda247 in your home feed once you follow Adda247 on Pinterest. You can also save the important Adda247 pins to your boards by clicking on save button.

We have come a long way since this platform was first established more than 10 years ago. The number of students preparing for the government has been increasing in leaps and bounds through all these years. Your support and presence are indicative of the fact that we have made steps in the right direction. We hope this step too passes muster and helps our students make inroads in the fields of their respective interests. 


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