Fight The Fear Of Quantitative Aptitude

Do numbers scare you? Do you have nightmares on freakishly difficult sums? The kind wherever you've got numbers chasing you whereas you stand rooted to your spot in terror awaiting them to gobble you up? Do you find this section challenging when it comes to your selection in the banking sector? Well, we all know that quantitative aptitude is the most dreaded subject and if one does not possess good mathematical skills then this section can be a steep mountain to climb. In every competitive exam, examiner do not test how you have answered the question or the method you have adopted. They only test your skill, speed and accuracy.

Do you look at the quant section of the current mock test you are doing and draw a complete blank? If this is the case with you then you are phobic to numbers. So, what do you do in such a situation? Leave the whole section or mark answers based on your assumption? Or do you sit down in the company of books where you try to find the best way to solve those elusive questions you can not solve no matter how hard you try. What you should do when this phobia of numbers undertakes your confidence and ruin your entire preparation?

Quant is an inseparable part in every banking exam. Be it prelims or Mains of the exam, it is inevitable. Syllabus for both the phases is quite similar so what are the main topics that one should practice for getting good marks? Below are the few topics one should start his preparation with.

Data interpretation: Get rid of fat books, the kind of calculation that is needed for banking exam is no rocket science. Practice from simple to moderate and then moving to a complex question is the right way of solving problems. In DI, the question can be from profit and loss, compound interest, ratio etc. So you need to practice these chapters before proceeding to DI section. 

Number series and quadratic equation: After DI try to attempt these two types, they are scoring and take less time if one has a good hand over them.

Miscellaneous: Attempt these questions in the end.

Learning formulas: Learning formula is important, but you cannot completely rely on this, as you should be aware of computing them as well. Try to attempt at least two questions based on a single formula.

Car numbers: If you are phobic to numbers and calculating them, then this is the easiest way to increase your speed.
1) Find a car- read the number written on it.
2) It must be four digit and must not contain zero
3) Make it zero- Perform any mathematical operation on the four separate digits TO MAKE THE RESULT ZERO.
E.g. a) 6428

If your concepts are clear and do not afraid even complex calculations, you can be a good scorer in this section. To ace your grades in this section, ADDA247 has come with the KAR QUANT FATEH SERIES which is exclusively designed to solve simple to complex questions as per the latest exam pattern.

What is included in Kar Quant Fateh (Conquer the fear of Quant):

  • It is incorporated with 24 topic wise mock to let you practice what is the need of the time.
  • 5 practice sets (3 for prelims and 2 for Mains)
  • Available in Hindi and English with detailed solutions.

Note: You can choose from the test series with or without video solution. Now when you have the idea how to practice, what to practice and where to practice, you can start your preparation for the upcoming exams right away.

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