Get A Government Job And Make Your Loved Ones Proud

It's Valentine's Day today and everyone is busy making her loved one feel special through either by offering them a bouquet of red roses or a carton full of chocolates. These indeed, are the heartwarming ways to express your deep affection for them but don't you think they only give them the momentary happiness which lasts maximum for a couple of hours. Shouldn't we make an attempt to present them with something that lasts forever?

The ones who truly love us find their happiness in our happiness, it sounds cliched but it's true. And a government job aspirant finds the root of her happiness in her success in the competitive exam she appears for. Why not achieve your long set goal which, you and your partner have been dreaming of and give your valentine lifetime happiness that way?

Success is something which takes time to be achieved and cannot be gifted to your loved one this instant. Well, you can still make her a promise to committing to your goal and start working on it today itself. Brush yourself off and keep pressing forward till you don't actually achieve you goal. Here is how to prepare for the upcoming competitive exams so you can get a government job in 2019:

  • To all those who make hard and fast rules while setting up a study timetable, go for a realistic timetable. A timetable that includes long hours of studies and no short breaks in between takes you nowhere. So, include short and frequent study sessions in your timetable accompanied by some leisure activities that keep you refreshed throughout.

  • Next comes assigning the study hours to the different subjects that will be asked in the examination. Remember not to prioritize a single subject in your study schedule, thereby giving the cold shoulder to other equivalently grave subjects. So, even if you are a dab hand at Quant, practice it daily like any other subject you are not so good at.

  • Are you one out of those who keep cutting the corners every time? Bear it in mind that the pattern of banking examinations keeps changing very frequently. You don't know what's up next and so, to be ready for a bolt from the blues, dive deep into all the subjects that will be asked in the examination.

  • Do you have the habit of cramming all day long and leave the revision to be done in the last days before the examination? Yes. Isn't it? Most of the aspirants are into this habit and they end up lying under a pile of stuff to be revised at the time of examination. If you do not want the important topics to be left unrevised then include at least one hour of revision in your daily schedule and play it safe.

  • Fix a day, and time, and give a mock test that simulates the real examination every day. Once you are used to giving such speed tests, any online examination no longer seems outlandish to you and you score fairly well.

  • What relaxes you the most? Listening to your favorite music, going out on a walk, meditation, playing some outdoor games or any other activity? Include it in your daily schedule because it lightens you up after swotting up all day long. 

Also, Adda247 is always there to tide you over with its latest ebooks, printed books, new pattern practice mocks, online classes, and video courses that you will find nowhere else. So students, make sure that you take right steps in the right direction and bring it to fruition this time.  All the best!!


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