Puzzle & DI Ebooks: Ebooks for Bank & Insurance Exams - In Hindi

Ebooks, these days, have not only simplified the education system by acting as an immense source of information but have also made learning a lot easier, convenient and more affordable than before. You can carry any number of ebooks with you anywhere and access them anywhere. So, Adda247 brings to you exhaustive ebooks for various banking and insurance exams. When you are preparing for cutthroat competition, you need to rely on study materials that are based on the latest pattern of bak and insurance examinations and consolidate everything that could be asked in them. Adda247, through its Ebooks, provides the students with the new pattern study material with the latest theories and questions which is real hard to find anywhere else.

Special Features of Adda247 Ebooks:

  • No time lag in the process of order and delivery! You can subscribe to them within minutes.
  • You develop a habit of on-screen reading with the help of e-books that helps when you attempt an online examination.
  • The e-books are economical and you can carry a huge number of e-books with you wherever you go.
  • There can be no shortage of e-books, they are on hand when needed.
  • People living in villages or a remote area find it hard to find the books they require but they can equitably access an e-book. They just need to have an internet connection while purchasing it and can access it offline post purchasing the book.

Here is the list of Hindi Medium ebooks on Data Interpretation & Analysis and Puzzles & Seating Arrangements for significant banking and insurance exams:

A Complete Book for Puzzles and Seating Arrangement eBook (Second Hindi Edition)

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A Complete Book on Data Interpretation and Analysis eBook (Second Hindi Edition)

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Salient features of A Complete eBook for Puzzles and Seating Arrangement eBook (Second Hindi Edition):
  • 2500+ Questions on Puzzles & Seating Arrangement
  • New pattern based questions of 2017-18 exams including 10 practice sets
  • Expect the unexpected ones [Surprised Pattern]
  • Incorporates more than 10 types of Puzzles & Sitting Arrangements
  • Incorporates last 5-years' Memory Based Questions asked in SBI, IBPS, RBI & other examinations

Salient features of A Complete Book on Data Interpretation and Analysis eBook (Second Hindi Edition):
  • 2000+ questions based on latest pattern with detailed solutions
  • Covers all the types of DIs such as Table| Pie | Bar | Line | Caselet |Radar
  • Includes arithmetic based & missing DIs asked in IBPS/SBI Mains Examinations
  • Includes Previous year questions asked in SBI Po mains 2018, IBPS PO Mains 2018 and other exams
  • Essential for both Prelims and Mains exams


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