IDBI Exam 2019 GA Questions | GA Quiz from Adda 247 Capsule

GA Questions Asked In IDBI Exam 2019

The Exam of IDBI Bank was held recently on 17th May 2019. As per the review by students given to adda247, the GA Portion was quite tough. It was seen in the exam that static GK part was not asked in the exam which was surprising for the aspirants so weightage of current Affairs section was more. As per the review given by students who have taken the exam, we have enlisted following set of questions which were asked directly either from GA Power Capsule or page.

  • The World Economic Forum (WEF) Headquarters ____. Ans- Switzerland Covered on CA Page
  • Full form of 'T' in FATF? Ans- Financial Action Task Force Covered in Capsule Page 13
  • 11th BRICS summit 2019 was held in? Ans- Brazil Covered in Capsule Page 27
  • Fincare Small Finance Bank Headquarters in? Ans– Bengaluru Covered in CA Adda
  • Asian Development Bank Headquarters in? Ans– Manila, Philippines Covered in CA Adda
  • Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award 2018 was given to? Ans- Virat Kohli Covered in CA Adda
  • The World Economic Outlook (WEO) is a survey conducted and published by? Ans- International Monetary Fund (IMF). –Covered in CA Adda
  • Question on- RBI has announced that SBI, ICICI, and HDFC Banks would continue as Domestic Systemically Important Banks (D-SIBs) for 2018. Covered in Capsule Page 11
  • Name the Chief Economic Advisor to PM appointed in 2018? Ans- Krishnamurthy Subramanian – Covered in CA Adda
  • Who is 23rd Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) of India? Ans- Sunil Arora – Covered in CA Adda
  • Which country ranked 1st in 2018 Human Development Index? Ans- Norway – Covered in CA Adda. 
  • The world’s first floating nuclear power plant (FNPP), Akademik Lomonosov is located in? Ans- Russia. – Covered in Capsule page 34
  • Which of the following constitutes the Task Force on Offshore Rupee Markets? Ans- RBI Covered in CA Adda
  • Winner of 2018 World Chess Championship. Ans- Magnus Carlsen Covered in CA Adda
  • Museum was inaugurated at Delhi’s Red Fort to pay homage to the unsung heroes? Ans- Azadi Ke Diwane. Covered in CA Adda
  • YONO or You Only Need One, is a digital banking app launched by the State Bank of India (SBI). Covered in Capsule Page 12
  • Which has become the first and only Union Territory in the country to be fully run on solar energy? Ans- Diu. Covered in CA Adda
  • The Department of Telecom has given approval for the merger of Tata Teleservices (TTSL) with Bharti Airtel Covered in Capsule Page 17
  • World’s highest polling station in Lok Sabha elections 2019 is located in? Ans- Tashigang, Himachal Pradesh Covered in Capsule Page 50
  • Who were the Indian Winners of 2018 Ramon Magsaysay Award? Ans- Bharat Vatwani and Sonam Wangchuk – Covered in CA Adda
  • Who is Chairman of the panel created on digital payments? Ans-Nandan Nilekani – Covered in Capsule Page 28
  • The first woman vice-chancellor of Jamia Millia Islamia University (JMI). Ans– Najma Akhtar Covered in CA Adda
  • What is the full form of SHREYAS? Ans- Scheme for Higher Education Youth in Apprenticeship and Skills Covered in CA Adda
  • Name the Indian Navy warships took part in Chinese international fleet. Ans- The destroyer INS Kolkata and tanker INS Shakti. – Covered in CA Adda
  • Which country topped in Inclusive Internet Index 2019? Ans- Sweden – Covered in CA Adda
  • Indian Navy launches which guided missile destroyer? Ans- INS Imphal – Covered in Capsule Page 40
  • Who was conferred with French Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters (Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres)? Ans- Kalki Koechlin Covered in CA Adda
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been awarded the Order of St. Andrew the Apostle. It is the highest civilian award of? Ans- Russia. – Covered in Capsule Page 24
  • Name the regulator that issues the Financial Stability Report. Ans – RBI – Covered in Capsule Page 11
  • Bold Kurukshetra 2019 is a joint military exercise between India and _____. Ans– Singapore. Covered in Capsule Page 41
  • The Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) has been renamed as the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade. It works under _____. Ans- Ministry of Commerce and Industry. – Covered in CA Adda
  • Name the country that tops in the Global Nutrition Report 2018. Ans- India Covered in CA Adda
  • Under which act, the Reserve Bank has issued a license to the bank. Ans- Banking Regulation Act, 1949 Covered in CA Adda
  • Which coach factory has become the single largest rail coach manufacturer in the world surpassing top Chinese manufacturers? Ans- Integral Coach Factory Covered in CA Page
  • RBI changes the threshold for bulk deposit to _______. Ans- Rs 2 crore. Covered in CA Adda

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