LIC AAO 2019 & SBI PO 2019 Interview: Tips On Grooming

LIC AAO 2019 & SBI PO 2019 Interview: Tips On Grooming

A candidate's attire plays an important role in appearing for the interview round. The way you dress up can impress or depress the interviewer. Your attire should be as per the working environment and work culture. Some people use to dress up as if they are going for a party which is a big turn off for their interview round.  Your attire conveys a lot about your readiness about the job and work, The work environment at the bank or the place where public dealings are done should be very formal. You are not expected to wear a range of brands instead of a clear and ironed dress would make it in the interview round. As we have already discussed tips to crack an interview and 3 C's of interview for SBI PO 2019 and LIC AAO 2019. The interview dates for both the exam will be announced soon by the organizing body. In this article, to continue without Interview plan provided on bankersadda, we will be discussing tips on grooming for this important phase.

Tips On Grooming for LIC AAO 2019 & SBI PO 2019

Attire for a male candidate
  • A two-piece matched suit with no bright colors is a perfect choice to be wear at the time of interview.
  • Be very decent and normal. Avoid the range of brands. Be who you are.
  • Black, navy blue or dark grey are the best colors to be chosen while appearing for it.
  • You can also wear a light-colored shirt paired with dark-colored trousers. It is also a good choice.
  • Do not forget to pair your suit or shirt with a suitable tie. Do not wear floral or printed ties. A plain tie would be a safe choice.
  • The color of the belt should be dark.
  • Say no to sports shoes at the time of interview. Prefer to Wear black or brown in color shoes.
  • Wear dark socks with mid-calf length so that no skin is visible even when you sit down.
  • Do not wear any kind of accessories. Just a simple watch to complete your attire.

Attire for a female candidate
  • It is advisable to keep a check on the bank's work culture and then wear the dress accordingly.
  • The female candidates have a choice to wear formal trouser with a light shirt, Salwar suit or saree.
  • If you are wearing salwar kameez, then go for light-colored cotton fabric. It should be simple and should not be loaded with embroidery. Do not wear a party wear suit.
  • Use little make, just to touch up or to give a polished look to your self.
  • Do not use dark color lipsticks of nail colors.
  • The nails must be clean and well-groomed. If you are wearing a nail color it should be light in color which is even applied on all the nails. Chapped nail polish looks bad.
  • Tied up your hairs neatly so that they do not bother you in between the interview.
  • Pair the trousers with dark color formal shoes.
  • If you are wearing saree or suit, you can prefer to wear flat or slightly heels sleeper. Avoid high heels.
  • If you are carrying a purse it must be simple and small. Avoid carrying large bags. Don’t use red, green, blue, yellow purses. Black and brown are good choices. 


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