A Must Read For All Banking Aspirants

Dear BA’ians,
Now that the LIC AAO is over, we would like to address the entire student population who aspires to be a banker in the near future. The aim of the below article is to help you understand where you stand in terms of the level of your preparations and how best you can reach the next level. The purpose of taking these exams in the first place.
Most students often prepare for the exam with just the job in mind, often forgetting the skills that they can develop in their course of preparation, provided all the hard work is put in with consciousness.

Almost all of you who appeared for the exam in the last two weeks are now aware as to where you stand, how well or how bad you fared the exam, the section that needs immediate attention, your strengths, your weaknesses.
Well that is the purpose of taking an exam. It makes you face the ground realities.

Some of you are even aware of the likely result. Basically most falling into 3 categories:
  • The ones who Easily aced the exam,
  • The ones who are Not sure as to how they performed, they might or might not make it.
  • And the ones whose Exam was really bad, have no chance of clearing it.

Come lets decode the 3 categories, and help you in transiting from one level to the next.

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The first category of students are those who have been working hard for a while now, may be not just for these exams but in their studies in general. So now is their time to reap the benefits.
While the 2nd category of students are those who are in the process of working hard, but are lacking somewhere still. Just a bit more hard work from their end and things will move towards a brighter side.
The third category of students, are those who are yet to get a hang of all the subjects that are tested in the exam. Will explain this a bit further, But before we do that come lets understand what all subjects and aspects that are covered in these exams:
1) Quantitative Aptitude: An exam to test your basic understanding of numbers, numerical and problem solving abilities of a candidate. 
All those who are weak in maths in general, best approach for this subject would be to deal with the most commonly asked questions in every exam, just so that you clear the cut off atleast( Trust us it is not such a difficult task to do so). With smart work you can easily do this. Apart for this, the more you practice, the better you will get with time. Make sure you master your tables, squares and cubes along with the simplification topic as you go by each day. As these form the base of fast maths in general. Following are the topics that you should be knowing to get a easy score of 18-20 atleast:
1) Simplification
2) Percentage
3) Profit and Loss
4) Ages
5) SI CI
6) Ratio and Proportion
7) Partnership
8) DI( the most common and the most scoring) 
The skills that you develop while you prepare for quant are only going to make your mental abilities stronger, your mental maths and your ability to calculate, quicker. So do take this as an opportunity to work on the skills that you might be weaker in.
2) Reasoning: Well this section is one of the easiest and the most scoring provided you get your concepts right. Just about anyone and everyone can master it. Once you get your concepts right, all that remains to do is to practice, practice and more practice.
Basically the subject aims at testing your logical and reasoning. Basic skills needed for any managerial post.
Most commonly asked topics are as follows:
1) Puzzles
2) Seating Arrangements
3) row Puzzles
4) Syllogisms
5) Machine and input
Among many others
So go ahead and practice as many questions as you can, as the more you practice the better you mind will get at quickly finding solutions. 
3) English: Well this section aims at testing your basic understanding of spoken and written English, through a series of tools like, reading comprehension, passage with fillers, sentence correction and jumbles sentences. The best approach to dealing with this subject is to inculcate the habit of reading on a daily basis.

What reading does for you might look very subtle on physical levels, but brings about massive transformation in our understanding of the language at the subconscious levels. The more a person reads the better does he understand the correct usage of the grammar. Supplementing this with the knowledge of Grammar rules and a few words of Vocabulary on a daily basis, and you will be good to go.

You all are aware of the importance of speaking and writing good English, not just in our country but also world wide. So grab this opportunity to work on your language, and master it too with persistent efforts from your end. A very useful skill indeed.
4) Computers: Well this section is to see if you know about the basics of computers or not, to test your inclination towards the subject. Also if not then just so that you gain a bit about computers before you join the job. So all those who have been running away from this beautiful subject for what seems like forever. Well then time to stop and face your worst fears right in its eyes.

Trust us, once you face it you will realise what a waste all the running around had been. In today’s time, knowing computers is nothing less that essential in any office. So go ahead and embrace this subject, make friends with it.
5) GK:  Now coming to this most controversial subjects of all. Why controversial, well because most are usually lost as to what all to cover for the same. Clueless, well we will help you. This subject basically can be divided in to 3 sub sections namely:
Banking: Well you are preparing to foray into the banking sector, well then quite obvious that you should know what you are getting yourself into. Should know the basics about the sector. After cannot afford to look dumb as a Probationary Officer. Also a perfect opportunity for you to get a taste of how the economy functions, what are the tools that the government uses to control the economic situation in the country. Things that you might have completely neglected, are now awaiting your exploration. So go ahead and enjoy this sweet subject to the hilt.
-Static GK: This section is basically to test your knowledge about your country and a few things that you should be aware of. It could be anything right for important days, to wild life and natural parks, to important rivers, dams, nuclear power plants. Well do not undermine this bit of knowledge as useless, as there is nothing that a bank does not fund. the more you are aware the better your decisions will be at the time of sanctioning loans, or from judging a good debtor from the bad one. So take this section seriously, if you are serious about becoming a good banker.
-Current Affairs: Need we explain the importance that this subject holds in any person’s life? Yes we dont. Basically to get you in a habit of reading, listening about what is happening around you. What is happening around in other country’s economy, to know about the regulatory bodies, summits that effect your nation. Dear students you have to understand that Banking industry is the crux for anything that needs funds. It is very important for a banker to know about what is happening around him, how a particular event can affect his branch, or how a decision by govt can influence the Central banker.
So friends, time to change your approach towards your studies, there is a reason why these subjects have been included in the exam, so approach the exams with that spirit only. Prepare so that you do eventually develop the necessary skills. Trust us, these skills once enhanced in your persona, are only going to take you a long way ahead in the future.
  • All those who do not possess , then that does not imply that you are not cut out for such posts. Rather it simply means that you need to build these skills, for some it has to be from the scratch and for some just a little brushing up. 
  • That is the reason, no point in comparing your journey with that of the other, each of you are at a different level of your preparation and understanding of the required skills.
  • All you need to do is to built these skills with persistence and consistent hard work.
  • Remember friends, once you gain these skills, they are going to remain with you for life. So a perfect opportunity awaits you in the form of these exams, and a lucrative job as a reward. What is it that you got to lose? Some time, 

So dont just give these exams with a motive of getting a job, ki bhai job chahiye to jaise taise cutoff clear hojai and we get through.
Rather, understand the purpose, and fully enjoy the process. As at the end it is you who is going to benefit the most out of it.
Good Luck!