Banking and Financial Awareness for SBI / IBPS Exams

1. Which of the following organisation release World Economic Outlook report?
World Bank

2. ICRA, CRISIL and Standard and Poor’s (S&P) are?
Credit rating agencies
Financial Institutions
3.The Nippon Ginko is the Central Bank of?
South Korea
4. “Primary Deficit”refers to?
Fiscal Deficit minus Interest Payments
Budget Deficit minus Interest Payments
Monetary Deficit minus Interest Payments
Deficit Financing by 91 day ad hoc treasury bills
5. Open market operations are mainly used as ______?
A fiscal device which assists Government borrowing
A monetary measure to regulate quantity of money in circulation and the cash reserves of the commercial banks
A measure to counteract extreme trends in business
A measure to influence the balance of payments position
6. Which Bank is the Banker to the Central Government?
Central Bank of India
Reserve Bank of India
Punjab National Bank
All of these
7. The term ‘Ways and Means’ advances refers to?
The temporary advance made to the government by its Bankers to bridge the interval between          expenditure and the flow of receipt of revenues
the advance given by the Banks to the poorest of the society
lending made under PMRY scheme
all of the above
8. The Reserve Bank of India is also called the lender of the last resort of Scheduled Commercial Banks because?
RBI meets directly or indirectly all the reasonable demands for financial accommodation subject         to terms and conditions of the discount rate policy of RBI
they are not able to get facilities from other Banks
Both of the above
None of the above
9. Pledge means?
advance against goods
open working capital limits
bailment of goods as security for payment of a debt or performance of a promise
None of the above
10. What are the RBI guidelines for the development of Interest Rate Swaps (IRS)?
Banks can use IRS for hedging and Trading both
MIFOR is a benchmark for IRS
Under ISDA agreement Banks can opt for dual jurisdiction i.e., Indian as well as common law
All of the above