Banking Quiz for Bank exams

1.According to the norms prescribed by RBI for setting up of white label ATMs, what is the minimum net worth the NBFCs should have?
(1)Rs. 50 crore
(2)Rs. 75 crore 
(3)Rs. 100 crore 
(4)Rs. 200 crore 
(5)Rs. 150 crore 

2.Treasury Bills means  
(1)Salary bills by Government officials on the treasury  
(2)Bills drawee by the Government contractors and other suppliers on the treasury for the dues owed to them by the Government 
(3)Obligation of the Government of India issued by the Reserve Bank of India and payable normally 91 days after issue 
(4)A mode of drawings by the Treasury Office on the Reserve Bank of India  
(5)None of the above

3.Which of the following cannot issue a Commercial Paper?
(2)Primary Dealers 
(3)Commercial Banks  
(4)All India Financial Institution 
(5)None of these 

4.Maximum period for which a commercial paper can be issued is 
(1)3 months  
(2)6 months
(3)1 year 
(4)2 year 
(5)None of these

5.Which of the following is not a money market instrument?
(1)Treasury Bills  
(2)Commercial Paper
(3)Certificate of Deposit  
(4)Equity Share  
(5)None of these 

6.Government securities with terms of more than 1 year are called 
(1)Government bonds  
(2)Treasury bills 
(3)Bills of exchange  
(4)Capital bills  
(5)All of the above

7.Money that a government has required to be accepted in settlement of debts is 
(1)Barter money  
(2)Commodity money 
(3)Legal tender 
(4)Currency value  
(5)None of these 

8.Inflation can defined as 
(1)A persistent rise in general price level 
(2)A persistent fall in general price level 
(3)An increase purchasing power  
(4)Increase in value of money 
(5)Decrease in money 

9.Reason for cost push inflation is 
(1)Increase in wage rate 
(2)Increase in interest rate  
(3)Increase in the price of raw material  
(4)Increase in indirect tax 
(5)Decrease in cost of production 

10.Which of the following is not a reason for demand pull inflation? 
(1)Shortage of consumer goods 
(2)More exports 
(3)Economic growth  
(4)Less import 
(5)More exports and less imports