Banking Quiz for Bank exams

1.The issue of new securities to existing shareholders at ratio to those already held is known as
a)Preference shares 
b) rights shares
c) bonus shares
d) cumulative preference shares 
e) none of the above

2._________________refers to that market wherein short term monetary assets are bought and sold and according to Reserve Bank of India, it is the centre of dealings mainly of short term character in monetary assets

a)Money market
b) capital market
c) financial market
d) commercial market
e) short term market

3._________________is a mechanism that allows people to buy and trade financial securities such as stocks. Bonds, commodities and other fungible items of value at low transaction costs and at prices that reflect the efficient market hypothesis.
a)    Commodity markets
b) financial markets
c) capital market
d) all the above
e) none of the above

4.____________is the standard rate at which Reserve Bank of India is prepared to buy or rediscount bills of exchange or other eligible commercial paper from the banks
a) Base rate
b) CRR
c) bank rate
d) Reverse repo
e) repo rate

5.When it comes to the following term namely- PLR – what do you mean by ”L”?
b) Liquidity
c) Lending
d) License
e) Loan

6.Cheque books are issued in respect of which among the deposits as mentioned below?
a)Fixed deposit 
b) savings bank
c) current account
d) recurring deposit
e) (b) and (c) as above

7.Crossing has been defined in the following act:
a)Banking regulation act 1949
b) Reserve Bank of India, 1934
c) Indian companies act 1956
d) Negotiable Instruments act 1881
e) none of the above

8.When it comes to the facility of nomination available in bank products, which is the odd man out among the following?
a)Fixed deposit
b) savings bank
c) reinvestment deposit
d) safe deposit locker 
e) housing loan

9.When it comes to the regulatory functions of Reserve Bank of India, which among the following is not true?
a)Qualitative credit control
b) open market operations
c) maintenance of CRR and SLR
d) credit authorization scheme
e) promotion of export through refinance facilities

10.When the requirements of any borrower is very huge, normally banks join together and lend the borrower on sharing basis and this form of finance is called as:
a)Joint financing
b) coordinated financing
c) consortium advance
d) collective finance
e) cumulative finance

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