Banking Quiz for Bank exams

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As all of you know that Bank recruited in thousands last year and they will repeat the same this  year. And Banking Exams always asks banking terminologies and banking history.So we are starting banking awareness quiz so that BA’ians can brace up before exam.

1.What is Yield Curve Risk: 
A.It is a line of graph plotting the yield of all maturities of a particular instrument 
B.Yield curve changes its slope and shape from time to time 
C.Yield curve can be twisted to the desired direction through the intervention of RBI 
D.All of the above 

2.Currency Swaps are: 
A.common currency transactions involving borrowing and lending 
B.currency loans from a foreign country 
C.back-to-back loan 
D.None of the above 

3.Reserve Bank of India has not authorized banks to approve limits relating to: 
A.Cash Reserve Ratio 
B.Statutory Liquidity Ratio 
C.Foreign Exchange Operations 
D.None of the above 

4.Settlement risk can be avoided only if: 
A.settlements are made on real time basis 
B.there is a global settlement agency 
C.foreign exchange transactions are traded in Derivatives 
D.All of the above

5.Reverse Repo means:
A.rate RBI charges on funds lent to banks
B.rate offered to Blue chip companies 
C.a rate equal to Bank rate
D.None of the above

6.S.L. Kapoor Committee relates to:
A.financing of Small Scale Industries 
B.Agriculture financing  
C.both A and B 
D.None of the above

7.SEBI controls : 
A.Capital Market
B.Money Market
C.Both A and B
D.None of these

8. Securitization is : 
A.non-performing loans are acquired from banks and financial institutions at a discounted value and security receipts issued to them so that these loans are removed from their balance sheet enabling them to reduce the provision in respect of such loans improve profitability
B.converting the illiquid loans of banks and financial institutions by Securitization company into tradable securities, after they are acquired and sold to the investors
C.a process of acquisition of non-performing loans from banks by a Securitization company and covert them into tradable securities and sold to the investors 
D.all of the above 

9.Shares of companies notified by SEBI can be traded only when these are in ………. form : 
C.either A or B
D.None of these

10.TDR offered as security for an advance is transferred to the bank by way of : 
D.all of these

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