Banking Quiz for Bank exams

Dear Readers,

As all of you know that Bank recruited in thousands last year and they will repeat the same this  year. And Banking Exams always asks banking terminologies and banking history.So we are starting banking awareness quiz so that BA’ians can brace up before exam.

1.When we discuss Negotiated Dealing System, it denotes : 

A.Settlement of Security dealing 
B.Trading in Stock Markets 
C.Trading in Government Securities 
D.None of the above 

2.Where banker pays a cheque in which amount or other particulars were chemically altered and such alteration is not visible to the naked eye, is any statutory protection available to the paying banker :
A.yes, provided the payment was a payment in due course and satisfies the condition as per Section 10 of the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 
B.yes, provided the alteration is not visible and the banker has paid it in good faith 
C.yes, provided the payment was made without any negligence on his part 
D.all of the above 

3.Which category of accounts are opened under Financial Inclusion:
A.Senior Citizens Deposit 
B.Super Sever Accounts 
C.No-Frill Accounts
D.SBI Vishesh

4.Which is the first bank in India to launch its interactive banking service through Dish TV:
C.HDFC Bank 
D.Axis Bank 

5.Which is the first bank in India to produce Green Power for captive use through wind mills: 
D.Axis Bank 

6.While opening a current account, an introductory reference is absolutely necessary: 
A.the introducer can be held responsible if the account becomes irregular 
B.this is required under directions from the Reserve Bank of India 
C.if it not taken, the bank may be held responsible for being negligent and may, therefore, lose statutory protection available under Section 131 of the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 
D.None of the above 

7.A cheque, payment of which was stopped by the customer, was paid through oversight: 
A.the bank is not responsible as such a responsibility was disclaimed at the time the stop order was registered 
B.the bank is responsible and cannot debit the amount of the cheque to customer’s account 
C.the bank is not responsible as the customer cannot stop the payment of a cheque which was properly issued 
D.the payment of a cheque, once issued cannot be stopped 

8.Who was the first Indian Governor of the Reserve Bank of India: 
A.C.D. Deshmukh
B.Sachindra Ray 
C.S. Mukherjee 
D.I. G. Patel 

9.There is a joint account in the names of A and B, to be operated by both of them jointly. There is a debit balance of Rs. 23,100 when the bank receives a notice of A’s death: 
A.the amount can be recovered from B only 
B.the amount can be recovered from the estate of the deceased A only 
C.the amount can be recovered from B and/or the estate of the deceased A 
D.None of the above 

10.Mohan, who will be 18 next December, approaches the bank for a loan of Rs. 1,00,000 to be repaid out of the property that will vest in him on his attaining majority: 
A. the loan may be granted provided the value of the property in question is sufficient 
B. the bank’s head office will be approached for necessary guidance 
C. the loan may be granted provided, in addition to the security of the property in question, a third party’s guarantee is arranged 
D. a minor’s agreement being void ab-initio the proposal in question will not be entertained