Banking Quiz for NABARD and SBI

1. The HR function in Bank primarily? to the training and development of the personnel 
B.the function of Personnel Management and takes care of the comprehensive respons-ibilities of the employees development to transfers and postings of the employees 
D.none of the above
2. Which of the following a benefit of E-Commerce? 
A.Insufficient telecommunications band width 
B.Individuals can telecommute more easily
C.customers may be unsure of EC security 
D.EC theory and practice is constantly evolving 
3. Why is B2C generally less attractive than B2B? 
A.Easier to implement 
B.Less expensive to implement 
C.Larger number of organizations 
D.Channel conflict

4. Which of the following is not an example of an e-payment? 
A.Smart cards 
C.Digital checks 
D.Electronic billing 
5. Treasury bills are sold in India by? 
A.Reserve Bank of India
B.State Governments 
C.Commercial Banks 
6. Yuan is a currency of which country?
7. Which institution acts as reinsurer? 
A.New India Insurance 
B.Life Insurance Company 
C.General Insurance Company
D.United India Insurance 
8. The 13th Finance Commission headed by Dr. Vijay Kelkar covers the period? 
9. “Black Revolution” is associated with? 
A.Tea plantation 
B.Coffee plantation 
C.Rubber plantation
D.Petroleum Products
10. “Blue Card” denotes? 
A.a Credit Card 
B.a Debit Card 
C.a proposition by EU to attract highly qualified professionals from other countries
D.none of the above