Basics By BA: Reasoning (Inequalities)

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In continuation to what we started, we are providing you another video based on INEQUALITIES. Friends, this is the time when many students are ready to graduate from their college and will search for new job opportunities. This will result in another batch of students who will start preparing for the exams for the year. So we are starting everything from the very beginning and we will constantly provide you with all the relevant materials. So go ahead and learn something new, or just revise what you already know.

Questions based on the inequalities of commonly two types
I.   Direct Inequalities
II. Coded Inequalities

Signs of Inequalities
Greater than
Less than
Equal to
Greater than or equal to
Less than or equal to

P is Greater than Q
P > Q
P is less than Q
P < Q
P is equal to Q
P = Q
P is Greater than or equal to Q
P ≥ Q 
P is less than or equal to Q
P ≤ Q

Combining Inequalities

If P > Q and Q > R then we can say 
P > Q > R => combined form 

If P ≥ Q and Q ≥ R
Then we can say
P ≥ Q ≥ R => combined form

Solved Example –

Relation between P and R

P ≥ Q > R
P > R
P ≤ Q ≤ R
P ≤ R
P < Q ≤ R
P < R
P > Q ≥ R
P > R
P ≥ Q ≥ R
P ≥ R
If the direction of sign changes, then no relationship can be established. 

Example : If X > Y ≤ Z ≥ P > Q, then relation between
X and Z – No relation (>,≤)
X and P – No relation (>,≤,≥)
Y and P – No relation (≤,≥)
Z and Q – Relation (≥,>)
Either or Based
Statement: H≥M≤V=K
Find the what is relation between H and K?
I. H<K

In the above statement we cannot find relation between H and K, But three relationship possibilities between H and K
I. H>K
II.  H=K and
And all three possibilities are given in the above conclusion .So, this case are “Either or”