Cloze Test for IBPS Clerk Mains | 27 December 2016

Directions (1-15): In the following passage, some of the words have been left out, each of which is indicated by a number. Find the suitable word from the options given against each number and fill up the blanks with appropriate words to make the paragraph meaningfully complete.

In Hyderabad, fitness has become …(1)… with the outdoors. If you …(2)…  outdoors meant a leisurely walk in the park …(3)…  with selfies, think again. Hyderabad is moving and how! Starting with parks and streets, more fitness …(4)… have now moved to rocks in the …(5)…  of fitness activities this year.

If the fitness movement was …(6)…  with the 5k runs a few years ago, many fitness enthusiasts have …(7)…  into runners, joggers, cyclists and now, to rock climbers. No one waits any …(8)… for a charity 5k run, nor is everyone looking for company to run in a group. Most of those who are …(9)…  to be fit have chosen their …(10)…  and are moving on.

Some say the outdoors is …(11)…  and so you see many new followers. KBR Park, as always, teems with people and so do parks on Necklace road and in your neighbourhood. Drive around the city before traffic takes over the streets. From slow to fast-paced ones, joggers are everywhere. Cyclists aren’t …(12)…  behind either. Brevets once made news, but now a brevet is what every cyclist aims for. “It is fun to see a small cycling group …(13)…  into a big one,” says Narender Kumar. When Narender started to cycle in the early morning hours, he came to know other cyclists in the area, “and we are a family now,” he smiles. These groups …(14)…  a great support system for each other. From clothes to suggestions on speed and diet, everything is discussed without …(15)….

(Source-The Hindu)

(a) anonymous
(b) synonymous
(c) heterogeneous
(d) companion
(e) caged

(a) thought
(b) call
(c) measure
(d) saw
(e) get

(a) taking
(b) clicking
(c) engaged
(d) managed
(e) interspersed

(a) entrepreneur
(b) enthusiasts
(c) freaked
(d) mania
(e) savant

(a) prolong
(b) engage
(c) long
(d) pursuit
(e) prefect

(a) kickstarted
(b) initiate
(c) visualised
(d) manifested
(e) ploughed

(a) summoned
(b) evolved
(c) revolved
(d) revolutionised
(e) pacified

(a) longer
(b) keener
(c) after
(d) other
(e) much

(a) known
(b) curiosity
(c) kneel
(d) keen
(e) ought

(a) leisure
(b) milestone
(c) journey
(d) route
(e) path

(a) huge
(b) notorious
(c) malicious
(d) infectious
(e) growth

(a) there
(b) very
(c) hurry
(d) lagging
(e) idle

(a) growing
(c) engaging
(d) defeating
(e) encapsulating

(a) from
(b) induce
(c) had
(d) form
(e) gathering

(a) queries
(b) quantum
(c) qualms
(d) fervor
(e) warmth