Computer Questions for RRB Mains 2016

Q1. Which of the following options allows you to select more than one inconsistent slide?
(a) Ctrl + Click each slide
(b) Alt + Click each slide
(c) Shift + Click each slide
(d) Shift + Drag each slide
(e) Ctrl + Alt + Click each slide

Q2. Which of the following devices is used to connect your computer to the Internet?
(a) Processor
(b) Motherboard
(c) USB Drive
(d) Multiplexer
(e) Modem
Q3. Which of the following is the shortcut key to close a currently open document?
(a) Ctrl + A
(b) Ctrl + V
(c) Ctrl + W
(d) Ctrl + X
(e) None of these

Q4. A/An __________ is the basic entity to store any type of information in a computer.
(a) icon
(b) link
(c) file
(d) folder
(e) None of these
Q5. Portrait and Landscape are two options that you can set for-
(a) page margin
(b) page size
(c) page orientation
(d) page header and footer
(e) None of these
Q6. In MS Word 2010, which group contains the command to set margins?
(a) Page Margin
(b) Page Orientation
(c) Page Layout
(d) Paragraph
(e) Page Setup
Q7. ENIAC was:
(a) an electronic computer
(b) an electromagnetic device
(c) a memory device
(d) a motherboard
(e) None of these
Q8. Which of the following key combinations is used to open the Print dialog box in MS Word?
(a) Ctrl + V
(b) Ctrl + P
(c) Alt + P
(d) Ctrl + Alt + P
(e) Shift + P
Q9. While working on an MS Word document, how can spelling and grammar errors be detected?
(a) Press Shift + F7
(b) Press Ctrl + F7
(c) Press Alt + F7
(d) Press F7
(e) None of these
Q10. __________ are special effects used to define a way in which the sides appear during a slide show.
(a) Transitions
(b) Shift
(c) Esc
(d) Slide Master
(e) None of these
Q11. In which of the following applications can you not add a comment on the text?
(a) MS Word
(b) MS Excel
(c) MS PowerPoint
(d) MS Outlook
(e) None of these
Q12. In a Windows-based application, when you click the maximize button, it changes to the-
(a) Minimize button
(b) Close button
(c) Open button
(d) Restore Down button
(e) None of these
Q13. In order of perform basic operations in MS Excel, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication or division, you need to use the __________ operators.
(a) arithmetic
(b) comparison
(c) text concatenation
(d) reference
(e) None of these
Q14. Which of the following should be pressed to enter the current date in a cell?
(a) Ctrl + ;(semicolon)
(b) Ctrl + Shift + : (colon)
(c) Ctrl + F10
(d) Ctrl +F11
(e) None of these
Q15. In MS Excel, which of the following represents the inequality operator?
(a) > =
(b) < =
(c) > >
(d) < >
(e) None of these