Computer : Quiz

1. Which among the following is responsible for allocating IP addresses and managing the domain name system.? 
[A]Domain name warehousing
[B]Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers
[C]Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
[D]None of these

2. The performance of a hard drive or other storage device , meaning how long it takes to locate a file is called ? 
[A]Response Time
[B]Access Time
[C]Quick Time
[D]None of these

 3. Alerts are mostly appear in ______?
[A]Check Box
[B]Combo Box
[C]Dialog Box
[D]None of these

4. Which of the following was used in first generation computers?
[A]Machine Language
[B]High Language
[C]Assembly Language
[D]None of these

 5. A unit of data storage that equals 2 to the 70th power is called?
[D]None of these 

 6. What is used in most programs that is a part of a program and guides the user through certain steps? 
[A] Software 
[D]None of these 

 7. A generic name for Intel processors released after the original 8086 processor is ______ ? [A]Pentium 
[C]Pentium 286 
[D]None of these 

8. A network that is connected to the Internet, but uses encryption to scramble all the data sent through the Internet is called ? 
[A]My network 
[B]Virtual private Network 
[C]Social Network 
[D]None of these 

 9. V-RAM is used for access of the following ? 
[A]Video & Graphics 
[B]Text & Images 
[D]None of these

10. Structured Query Language (SQL) is used in the following ? 
[A]Create Databases 
[B]Create & Modify Databases 
[C]Create, Modify & Query Databases 
[D]None of these 

11. A file which has not been altered, compressed, or manipulated in any way by the computer is called? 
[A]temp file 
[B]raw file 
[C]permanent file 
[D]None of these 

12. The word bandwidth is also used to mean ________? 
[A]width of the data cable 
[B]amount of data transferred 
[C]number of the computers on a particular network 
[D]None of these 

13. NetBIOS was introduced in 1983 by which company as an improvement to the standard BIOS used by Windows-based computers? 
[D]None of these 

14. Which among the following is not a payment card technology? 
[A]Magnetic Stripe Card 
[B]Smart Card 
[C]Fleet Card 
[D]All of them are payment card technologies 

15. Which among the following can be called an electronic check ? 
[A]]Debit Card 
[B]Smart Card 
[C]Credit Card 
[D]None of these 

1. B
2. B
4. A
6. B
9. A
10. C
11. B
12. B
14. D
15. A

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